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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rubirosa Pizza Bar

Before my extended Thanksgiving vaca, I visited the newest pizzeria on Mulberry Street, Rubirosa Pizza Bar. I was leaving Stillwater, the bar not the town people, and received a text from Emma who was on a hunt for pizza in SoHo. As I myself was noticing the volcanic blasts in my stomach, I realized I knew just the place. It had been lurking around for a few weeks and had heard from various friends that it was their "New Favorite Pizza Place!" Literally, those are the words that came out a few of their mouths, errrr I mean tweets...

The notation on their chalkboard that hung around outside on the sidewalk caught my eye every time I passed by. It read "50 year old recipe!" Typically I pass by on my way to the gym. I would practically be salivating throughout spin class and half way home I end up noticing I've somehow managed to pass by again. For reasons I'm beginning to understand, I usually leave my wallet at home when I go to the gym. I'm unconsciously consciously trying to save myself. Does that make sense? 

Apparently this flavorful pie originates in Staten Island! Where? Yes, Staten Island. Rubirosa's was founded by Angelo "A. J." Pappalardo who is the son of Joe Pappalardo. Does Joe & Pat's ring a bell? Well, not to me since I'm a never frequenter of Staten Island. The menu I've been told is almost an exactly that of Joe & Pat's however Rubirosa's includes pastas, ravioli, manicotti, chicken- and meatball-Parm sandwiches.

For the holidays, a little rumor flying around the hood is that they have pumpkin ravioli! 

Emma and I found a cozy little seat at the bar and were immediately tended to by a cute guy behind the bar. One of my first observations was how busy the place was for only being a few weeks old. Out of all the times I had been there before when it was Lola's, it was never that busy.

I swiped a photo from the web to show the interior as my photography skills have somewhat degraded lately. However, thanks to my trusty techno brother, I now have a fabulous new iPhone app that I love! 

The interior is very cute, cozy, and warm just like most of the cute little hot spots in this city. There is definitely a rustic and older classic feel throughout which again fits in perfectly with the 50 year old recipe.

As far as the pizza goes, I am usually not a flat pizza person but man does this little flat piece of pizza hold more flavor than you can imagine! I was in shock after my first bite! It was delicious! 

The famous chalkboard outside also states they have slices until 5pm. We were lucky enough to be having an extremely early dinner and got to pick by the slices. They have two options by the slice, Classic or Vodka. Emma and I both chose the Classic however she topped hers off with some mushrooms and I added meatballs. 

I'm pretty sure the meatballs were the cutest meatballs I'd ever seen. Not to mention delicious. This is definitely my new favorite pizza joint on Mulberry!

Emma's Classic Mushroom Slices!

Toon's had to bolt to get her hair cut but my other friend Jen joined! Along with some wine and some slices for Jen we also thought we would take a peak at their dessert menu. Of course they had one we couldn't pass. Cheesecake. But not just any cheesecake. Cheesecake served in the cutest way possible. 

Get excited Gluten free peeps because Rubirosa has also a Gluten Free menu! 


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  2. So Alexis---I eat at Joe & Pat's all the time and they do have great pizza. In fact, Staten Island has some of the best pizza I've eaten in my life. Denino's takes the cake.

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