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Sunday, February 28, 2010

MWK: Until Dawn

Thursday, February 25, 2010

NYC Birthday Celebration

It feels like I have been celebrating my birthday for the entire month of February.  Well, I kind of have.  Between office celebrations, family celebrations and friends, my birthday has extended for about three weeks now.  I still have two birthday dinner to look forward to too. I feel so special!

This past weekend was my NYC Birthday celebration with my best friends here in this great city. I couldn't ask for a better group of friends. Poor Whitney was home sick and could not join us. Next time, Whit!

Kristen and Mike had all of us over to their adorable apartment in the Meatpacking District for some champagne before dinner. Kristen broke out the mega camera and snapped some, as Rion called them, "Prom Pictures." I am sure to get a hold of them soon and will show them off. 

After some bubbly we headed to Buddakan.  I had not been to Buddakan in a long time and it was the perfect atmosphere for this occasion. I was greeted by two friends I had not seen in a long time from back in the day when I hosted there for seven months!

My good friend David could not make it as he was called off to DC to work. But, he did send a bottle of champagne to the table! Thank you again David for such a sweet gesture. David is one of the two birthday dinners I am looking forward to in the future. He is currently still in DC. 

Sara, Rion, Me, Adam, Mike, Kristen and Emma. 

My best friends (minus Whitney)!

I think the only drama of the night was ordering dinner.  Everyone wanted to try everything.  We ended up with so much food we could have fed the entire Library at Buddakan. We had noodle dishes, rice dishes, meat dishes, sides of vegtables and of course we had my all time favorite Edamame Dumpligs. 
 Actually, we had three orders. 

What can I say, everyone loved them! I of course had the filet for my main course! It was the hit of the night. I highly recommend it. The sauce just melts in your mouth. 

Because it was my birthday they sent out a beautiful display of the Crying Chocolate Cake. They also sent out a second dessert which was a Carrot Cake. It was fantastic. Thank you Sara! 

After Buddakan we went to My Little Secret! We had the best seats in the house! It was an "L" shaped booth that fit all 15 of us. Vinny, the manager was great. He played our iPods, made sure we always had drinks and of course treated us like kings and queens. It was a great place to chill, relax and have a great time chatting with friends

Mike bought the girls Limoncello shots which were delicious! Thank you again Mike! 

Zach bought us one of My Little Secrets newly invented shot "Purple Hooter" which was also great! 

Some of the girls getting ready to head out to the next bar! We had to snap a quick picture in front of the cool barrels! 

Vinny decided to hop on in the shot! Thank you Vinny for being so great! 

I would just like to make note of the shoes I am wearing. They were brand new with a 4" heel purchased specifically for that night. And, I wore them all night. I made Shannon proud! 

After My Little Secret we headed to Spring Lounge where we caught up with some other friends and ended up at The Patriot Saloon. We hung out with some new friends and ended up heading home around 6am.  All I can say was it was a fantastic birthday. 

The only thing that would have made the night better is if David, Whitney and Craig were there. So Craig, I am ready for my birthday dinner! 

I have amazing friends. 

Cali Birthday Trip

For my birthday this year I planned a trip to Los Angeles to visit Andy and Jennie.  They had just moved into a new apartment and needed help with none other than decorating.  Who best to call than me! For Christmas Andy got my Mom a plane ticket to come at the same time as me. Party in LA!

Andy and I had to make a quick pit stop at In-N-Out before picking Mom up at the airport!

Amos and Oliver in the car at In-N-Out Burger waiting for Mom to land at LAX.

We spent the evening having dinner at a great Greek restaurant and enjoying the awesome birthday cake Jennie baked me!

The "Sock it to me Cake" Jennie made for my birthday! Birthday Dessert #1.

Puppies and cake! 

It turned out almost the whole family was going to be in San Diego at the same time we were in LA. On Friday we drove down to San Diego to hang out with the rest of the family and eat at our favorite restaurant Alfonso's. I have been going to Alfonso's since I was 4 days old. Therefore, it was decided we had to have an early birthday dinner there for me.  

In San Diego with Brandi drinking Uncle Dan's wine and enjoying the 70 degree weather.

Andy bought me a birthday tequila shot...before!

... after!

Thanks bro!

The family walking around La Jolla after dinner!

The main point of the trip was to decorate Andy and Jennie's apartment which we successfully did in TWO days! We spent the first day walking up and down Ventura Blvd. stopping in all of the furniture stores.  We happened upon an antique store that was having a huge sale.  We purchased a pair of modern red leather chairs that we all loved and a small glass top side table on a metal base.  Those purchases were and still are my favorite to this day! 

Back in LA. Brunch at Vivian's with the puppies!

After our successful purchases on Ventura Blvd. and installing them into the apartment, we headed to CB2.  CB2 stands for Crate & Barrel 2.  It is a cheaper and more contemporary version of Crate & Barrel.  They have great options for everything including table settings, dish wear, bath towels and accessories to furniture and lighting. We basically furnished the entire apartment from CB2. We even got some great pieces of art!

Taking a break from decorating the apartment! 

We purchased so much, Andy had to drop Jennie off at work before coming back to pick up my Mom and me. I had to sit on my Mom's lap in the front seat.  We spent the rest of the night assembling, installing and setting everything up. We finished around 11pm and headed to Sunset Blvd. to pick up Jennie from work and go to dinner at this amazing Italian Restaurant where at midnight was my birthday! That was birthday dessert #2. 

The next morning we went to The Abbey for my Birthday brunch! My friend Sara recommended it.  The weather was beautiful, the food was delicious, the service was awesome and the atmosphere was perfect.

Love that kid...most of the time.

Birthday Brunch at The Abbey!

Dad, we wish you could have been there! We missed you!

Birthday brunch snickers cake! Birthday Dessert #3.

After brunch we went to Bed Bath & Beyond to look for curtains, a kitchen floor mat and other small accessories for the apartment.  We purchased all new bathroom accessories, some small square shelves with empty centers to place chockies, curtains for the bedroom and living room and a few other items.  

After we stopped by Target for some organizational items for Andy's studio and then went to a frame shop to get the ORK Poster I bought, them for a house warming present, matted and framed. We also ended up purchasing a large piece of art for over the living room sofa. 

After spending an entire second day of shopping and installing, we finally finished in time to shower, pick up Jennie from work and make our 9:00pm reservation at Katsuya Hollywood for my 26th Birthday dinner! 

Jennie and Andy on Valentine's Day and my Birthday at Katsuya Hollywood! 

Birthday dinner dessert! Birthday Dessert #4. 

Jennie and Me at Katsuya! 

All in all the trip was amazing.  We didn't really have much time to sit and relax but we did accomplish our goals while having fun and getting along.  My Mom couldn't believe Andy and I did not argue once while putting up the curtains. She was so proud she wished she had a video camera to record it so my Dad would believe her! 

Maybe one day I will have begged Andy enough to where he will let me put the before and after pictures up. 

My Mom and I are planning another trip to go back and visit soon. This time the beach will be involved! Thanks to everyone who made my birthday so special and perfect. 

28 Years

I have been so busy between traveling, work and just enjoying life (finally) that I am a little behind on my blogging. So, quickly I am going to catch up while I actually have a minute. 

Last Sunday, February 20th, was my parents 28th wedding anniversary! 

So in honor of my parents, here are some pictures of them throughout the years along with some family pics.


I hope someday to be as happy and lucky as they are still to this day

Happy Birthday Aunt Nancy

Yesterday was my Aunt Nancy's Birthday! So..



I have been lucky enough to see a lot of my family recently and celebrate our birthdays.  Here are some pics from my Birthday California trip.  

Andy and Aunt Nancy at Alfonso's!

Aunt Nancy and Uncle Dan!

Some of the family! Andy, Julie (and AKA in the tummy), Eric, me, Brandi, Drake, Tatumn, Aunt Nancy and of course Amos and Oliver! 

Me and Aunt Nancy in the car with Amos on the way to La Jolla! 

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Some days my job can be a lot of fun.  Like yesterday for instance.  I got to spend the afternoon shopping in Soho.  No, no, not for myself. Well, actually I did get a present but that is not the point.  My point is, I got to spend the afternoon shopping in Soho. 

My second stop was Aero.  Aero just happens to be two blocks away from my apartment so I am a frequent visitor.  I love this store. If I could I would probably furnish my entire apartment from here.  But, I can't. So, I just dream. 

Here are some pictures of the showroom.  It looked different yesterday so I am sure these are a few months old.  They were unloading some new stock which I wish I could have waited around for. But, I was on a hunt and had to move on. However, I will go back soon. 

Yesterday I was on the hunt for table lamps but I also kept my eye open for some other great pieces.  Here are some pieces that I loved. 

Some which happened to be on sale like this leather chair with a tubular steel frame.  The price was marked down from $1,400.00 to $500. Too bad I have no place to put it. 

I also loved these 1970's Danish chairs upholstered in faux sharkskin.  

I loved this floor lamp too. 

I mentioned I got a present for myself. For the past year I have wanted an Aero bag.  Erin, our old intern and friend, came in one day with one.  Ever since then I was hooked.  About two weeks ago my coworker and friend Jennifer came in with the Camel colored one. I decided that's it. I need one. So, I got one.  Choosing the color took took longer than actually deciding to purchase one. 

Here is my new bag. I love it. 

Aero also has great accessories.  They have a large hour glass on a metal stand that I fell in love with. They also have great sales on their accessories.  There is a whole wall behind the cash wrap full of shelves with accessories that are 50% off.  Great place to find house warming presents or just presents for yourself. 

Friday, February 12, 2010


California completes me. 

Brunch with the family, vino at noon, girl scout cookies, 65 degree weather, puppies, tan and I get to eat at my favorite restaurant tonight. Alfonso's here I come. 

Happy Birthday weekend to me! 

"California here I come
Right back where I started from..."

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day and Cupcakes!

I was suddenly woken up this morning by a phone call from my boss at 7:30 am.  Now, usually phone calls from your boss at 7:30 am would be an unpleasant thing. But, not this morning.  This morning he was calling to tell me not to come in because we were having a SNOW DAY! How awesome is that. 

As you can see, Oliver wasn't too excited about the snow. 

I was so excited I could not get back to sleep.  Then I realized I didn't know what to do with myself. I was bored. Then I started making plans. All of a sudden, for an unexpected snow day, my day was beginning to get very busy! 

Before 9:00 am I had already walked the dog, cooked breakfast, cleaned my bathroom, finished the last 100 pages of The GIrl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest and have already started Coraline. Pretty impressive huh? 

The only actual thing I HAVE to do today is to pack.  Other than that, I am going to take full advantage of this one in a life time snow day and enjoy it! 

Although we knew a storm was coming and even talked about having a snow day today if it was bad, I still thought I would go about my normal routine last night.  Today we were supposed to have a party to celebrate four things.

1. My Birthday
2. Susie's 10 year at MAC II
3. Engagement and Weddings
4. Our new receptionist 

So, I did what I would normally do for a party. I baked cupcakes. And they are yummy! But, now that we have a snow day, I have 20 cupcakes.  This could be a problem. If someone doesn't come over and help me eat these cupcakes, I will eat them all.  I just can't control myself! 

Last year I did the same thing for my birthday. They were just as delicious! But, last year we didn't have a snow day so I got to share the yumminess. 

Now I am going to get ready to meet some friends for lunch. I am very excited because I can never meet my friends for lunch as they work on the west side in the 30's or by Union Square.  Then I will come home to pack. I might have to hit up the gym again depending on how many cupcakes I consume. I hope everyone has a great day, rest of the week, weekend and Valentine's Day! I know I sure will! I get to spend it with my family in much warmer weather! 

Happy Valentine's Day!