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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I first discovered BDDW four years ago when I first started in NYC as an interior 
designer. I loved their style, designs and furniture from the first moment I 
laid eyes on their website.  However, it wasn't until last year that I visited their 
SoHo showroom for the first time. Wow, was that a mistake. I had no idea what I 
was missing out on. To this day, BDDW is one of my top five favorite furniture stores. 

Almost a year ago I brought my Dad, who was in town visiting, to BDDW to wow him! 
And that I did. To this day he still can't stop talking about not only how amazing 
the furniture is but how unbelievable the actual showroom is.  It is probably one of 
the coolest spaces I've seen. With it's painted white brick walls, extremely high 
ceilings, fantastic furniture, not to mention the industrial machinery displayed 
throughout the store just for kicks, I just can't get enough! I believe my Dad 
wanted to take home a few of those magnificent machines. 

The one aspect that attracted me the most to BDDW is their attention to detail. 
Every piece is not only made with top quality products and by professional craftsman, 
but the small added details of metal, leather and wood make each piece original
 and special. The quality is just spectacular and sadly, to poor young-ins like myself, 
the price does reflect it. 

The mixture between the metal and wood butterfly joints are beautiful. 

I realize you could just visit their website which has more unbelievable 
furniture however, I felt I needed to show my favorite pieces with only a little 
warning that it is pretty much everything from their website. I might have gotten 
little out of control. I couldn't help it! I love everything! 

When I first started coming up with furniture ideas for my parents new home, BDDW 
was at the top of my list for concept, as the price was pretty much not in our budget
 to furnish the whole house as much as I would have loved to. 

If you read my blog regularly you would have seen my parents house and how 
industrial and contemporary it is. BDDW would have been perfect. The concept for 
the Master Bedroom bed was the BDDW's Slab Bed. 
 Unfortunately I am still benched. I haven't had the chance to use my favorite bench 
yet and I am disappointed. I would like to add two more benches to my favorite 
bench list. Of course, now I just have five to use instead of three.  Hopefully one day
 I will get to use at least one! 

The Simple Bench is my other favorite bench from BDDW. I would actually have more 
use for this bench as it has multiple uses, the end of a bed, in a Living Room, at a 
Dining Room table or Kitchen table. 
And the details, look at that beautiful seam. The leather finish is also fantastic. 

I think this next piece is my all time favorite piece at BDDW. This beautiful pieces 
is the Midlake Credenza. I don't know what I love more about it, the wood finish or 
the simplistic yet remarkable metal pulls. I would also like to brag a little, I just 
ordered this exact credenza! I am completely out of my mind excited to see it ... in 
about 14 weeks, insert sad face! 

This specific credenza along with the Lake CredenzaLake Low Credenza and 
Lake Bureau come in a variety of wood, stain and metal finishes. 

I might possibly brag again, I just ordered this piece too! However instead of the 
cabinet doors we have two sets of drawers. This Bronze Credenza is fabulous in 
person just like every other piece. My favorite detail, besides from the bronze
 and leather combination are the handles.
 I had to show a more detailed image of the famous handles. How fabulous are
 these bronze handles attached to the drawer front by leather straps. It's genius. 

I'll take a pair of these Lake Side Tables to go. 
 I love the idea of a wall mount bedside table. These days, beds are getting lower 
and lower the more contemporary the designs get. What better than a wall 
mounted bedside table to go with that platform bed? 
 Coffee table anyone? I love this layered and intricate American Black Walnut with a 
dark oil finish table. 
BDDW is well known for the Slab Dining Tables. Each table is made from a single slab 
of Claro Walnut with a hand rubbed dark oil finish. Because of this, each table is one 
of a kind. 

Ok, this is the last time I will brag (maybe) I also just ordered a 10'0" Slab Dining Table.
 I am pretty much ecstatic. We requested wood and metal butterfly joints throughout. 
The table has to be as rectangular as possible for the design we are trying to 
achieve however, we did request that the edges of the table have the "wavy and 
rough" effect as much as possible. It adds so much character to the piece. 

The legs of the table can vary between a few styles however, we ordered these 
simple yet fabulous cast bronze wishbone legs. 

What goes better with a dining table than chairs? How about a few of these Square 
Guest Chairs in American Black Walnut with a hand rubbed dark oil finish and 
distressed mulled leather seat and back. 

Another fabulous side table I felt the need to share! 

Oh I totally forgot, we got one of these too! I love love love this Tripod lamp! 
I will own one one day!
 And I'll probably own one of these Captain's Mirrors as well. I love the simple 
concept of a round mirror with a leather strap. To me, simple is always better. 
 And just for fun! I love this Nixie Wall Clock! 
BDDW also has some amazing area rugs from very simplistic designs to colorful 
and exciting patterns. 

Even if you can't afford the furniture, I highly recommend visiting the showroom. 
It is truly amazing. So amazing, my Dad requested I bring my brother the next time 
he visits! Did I mention that it's only four blocks from my apartment?


  1. Wow...awesome post! I'm so jealous you landed all those great pieces. I've been obsessed with the New York handmade wood furniture like BDDW,, and Palo Samko. Thanks for sharing. That credenza is ridiculous.


  2. BDDW is just not that hot...really people? Please take your heads from the clouds. The factory is in a blue color area in Philadelphia (I can see it from my house) and 50% of their work force are illegal immigrants working in this country illegally. So, all you snobs paying 10k for a bench, you're ridiculous. They on the other hand are geniuses making a killing selling furniture to you fools!!!

  3. Dear Anonymous,

    First of all, thank you for reading my blog. But, it is not very nice of you to call people you do not know fools. That tells something about you. You're not a very nice person.

    Secondly, I'm sorry you don't have good taste, or taste at all for that matter.

    Thirdly, I'm sorry you can't afford it yourself living in that blue 'color' area in Philadelphia.

    Fourthly, This world has many larger problems than geniuses making a killing selling furniture with illegal immigrants. You know, since those white 'color' people wouldn't dare work in those hot sweaty factories doing blue 'color' work. Someone's gotta do it. Plus, there are many more filthy geniuses out there making much more money in more filthy ways.

    Fifthly, apparently you need something better to do than going around bad mouthing BDDW on random peoples blogs who like their furniture.

    I'm sorry we don't agree but it was very rude of you to post what you did on my blog where I was just showing this world, who can afford BDDW, how awesome their furniture is. Even if it is ridiculously expensive. If I could afford it, I'd buy it myself because I like ridiculously expensive nice things. I'm sorry I have expensive taste. I guess I was just born that way.

    Fifth Floor Up

  4. Very well-said, Alexis! Hands down! :)

  5. alexis
    thanks you for the wonderful compliments!! super flattering.
    anonymous, i don't have any illegal immigrants working for me. if you see a few brown people that work for me that doenst mean they are illegal.
    and i think there are probably 8 brown guys out of 80 working in the big workshop. (which would only be found in a blue collar neighborhood) most of my employees are artists many with masters degrees. and many from the neighborhood.
    i would think 80 jobs in your neighborhood making stuff in america you'd be happy to see. why the hate? stop by and say hi I'm there every day ill show you around and happy to explain that while i make a pretty good living. profit margins on that 10k piece is around 15%. no ones being ripped off. making stuff in the usa paying employees well and providing health insurance etc. is where most the money goes.
    were a positive thing, super nice people
    and totally legal.

    tyler hays