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Monday, January 31, 2011

Chocolate Chip Whoopie Pie's

It doesn't need to be said, everyone already knows how much I love food. Therefore, it would make much sense for one of my best friends to get me food for Christmas. However, she made me work for it, smart! Emma is a great cook and you know this since I brag about her every chance I get. For Christmas she got all the girls each a different mix from Crate & Barrel. What a perfect gift from a cook to an eater.... Chocolate Chip Whoopie Pies

On Saturday, after a long and exhausting yoga class, steam room and shower, I made a pit stop at Whole Foods, quick chat with T.R. Knight, grabbed some take out Indian Food and headed home to relax and chow. I had this whole day planned of movies and napping. Emma came over to crash my bash and after her five mile run she decided we should cook dinner. I agreed. What's not to agree about eating dinner. 

 Em sent me a text "groceries" my reply, meatballs, then she sent another... what about Whoopie Pies? Do you see why I love this girl? After our traditional spaghetti and meatballs, spinach with goat cheese and cranberry salad we turned on the oven and heated up the Kitchen! 

Inside the box are two packages. One contains the cake mix and one the filling mix. The ingredients are simple: cake mix, butter and milk. The process was a little more physically labored than it should have been as I do not have a mixer, Aunt Debby! But eventually after we added the room temperature butter to the cake mix it appeared to be the crumbly texture we were hoping for. Then we added two eggs, one at a time, the mix and mixed away. 

The recipe makes either twelve larger whoopies or twenty-four smaller whoopies. We went with the twelve larger and rolled the dough into twenty-four balls to bake, popped them in the oven and viola!  I'm gonna let the pictures tell the rest of the story... 

Get in my mouth. 

Two down, ten to go...

It's actually more like six down, six to go now...


  1. omg. please send me the left over 6. please. begging.

  2. at least send me the mix. begging.