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Friday, January 28, 2011

Diamond Doll Design

diamond doll design

I was extremely a little slow buying Christmas presents this past year. I had no idea what to get anyone except my parents since they dropped little hits. Then one day I was on. Like really on. I knocked out six people in one day. I can't believe it didn't come to me sooner now that I think about it. One of my good friends, Jessica, has a cute little online design shop called Diamond Doll Design. 

Diamond Doll Design specializes in custom blog headers and layouts, invitations, stationary, and custom art.  You can check out some of the custom art and canvases she has done on her Etsy shop Diamond Doll Designs. While pursuing Jess' blog, My Beatles Babies (named after her adorable daughters), roughly two weeks before the holidays, I happened upon her Etsy shop and custom canvases. 

This is when the light bulb went off in my spastic head. Not just any light bulb, an Energy Star Compact Florescent Light Bulb (I'm working on being more green these days)! Why not make the Aunts and Uncles awesome DDD's canvases for Christmas?!? Both my Aunts and Uncles have cool stores/companies. Aunt Nan & Unc Dan own Vesco Ridge Vineyards and Aunt Deb & Unc Herb own Ingraham Brew Supply. Personalized canvases for their shops are genius, I know!

My Uncle Dan is a very creative, artistic and handy man. He has the most genius ideas which he typically starts and completes. I can't say that about myself. One of these fantastic ideas began with the idea of a vineyard and guess what? It also ended with a vineyard! Vesco Ridge Vineyards to be exact. 

Uncle Dan is a photographer by hobby (not to mention a great one at that) so all of his labels are custom Uncle Dan designed or photographs that he took himself. From this, I took the idea of making one of his wine labels as a canvas to hang in their wine tasting room. Then I found the perfect wine label; A photo of Uncle Dan's dad as a child with the name to match, Poppy. 

For Aunt Deb and Unc Herb Andy actually picked the photo which we both decided would be perfect. The photo contains three of Aunt Debby's favorite things... the house (well part of it), the car and the guy...

I emailed Jess immediately to tell her how awesome my idea was and that it included her. I  believe my exact words were, "I am going to hire you".  She told me to send over some photos and color concepts. After a few emails back and forth she hit the nail right on the head. Andy and I approved the designs and the deal was done! Jessica was wonderful in pressuring us to get the designs approved immediately since the canvas take two weeks to print. She wanted to make sure our presents would arrive before Christmas!

Exactly two weeks later they arrived and Jess dropped them off at my parents house to ship to the Aunts and Uncs! Unfortunately, since I live in NYC (this might be the only time you hear me say something unfortunate about me living in NYC) I didn't get to see the canvases before they were wrapped, shipped and placed under the tree. 

But here they are, the fabulous Diamond Doll Designs By Jessica!

...and Uncle Dan displaying his favorite Christmas gift! 

Uncle Dan loved the canvases so much, he requested his other wine labels! I guess I know what to get him for the next few birthdays and holidays!

Everyone check out Diamond Doll Designs! Jess is wonderful to work with, a great person and not to mention talented as anyone I know! You can also follow her on Twitter @jessmodestlyrox!!


  1. Wow, those are beautiful! What a cool idea for a Christmas present. They had a lot of thought behind them, and that, imo, is what makes a good present. :)

  2. Love your present. It is hanging in our bedroom where I can see it when I wake up every morning and think of you. Love you