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Thursday, January 20, 2011


*Fifth Floor Up Service Announcement*

It has come to my attention that a particular person believes I hate football. This might be because, at one time I stated loudly that I well, hated football. However, this was coming from the extremely annoyed, agitated and bitter person who had to endure Oklahoma football for 12 long years. I do not hate football. 

Let me rephrase:

"I hate dislike football in Oklahoma!" 
"I hate dislike football in Oklahoma!" 
"I hate dislike football in Oklahoma!" 
"I hate dislike football in Oklahoma!" 


Before you Oklahoma fans hate me let me explain... I hate dislike football in Oklahoma. 

That didn't quite help did it?

How about this... some of my best friends absolutely love Oklahoma football and I still love them. 

Is that better?


Ok let me try to fix this...

Firstly, football is all anyone ever talks about in Oklahoma. 
Secondly, football is all I ever hear about in Oklahoma. 
Thirdly, football is all everyone ever watches in Oklahoma.
Fourthly, football is like religion in Oklahoma, well, the other religion in Oklahoma.
Fifthly, I mean come on, orange is not a flattering color on me.

Any better?

I really do love Tulsa. I love my family, my family's dogs, my family's house, my ten Tulsa friends. However, I just really don't love football in Oklahoma. 

When I moved to NYC the first sporting event I went to was a Giants game. The second sporting event I went to was a Giants game. Now, would someone who really hates football attend two football games within the first year of moving to NYC? I don't think so. 

Will I ever go to an Oklahoma football game in my future. Who knows. I might. Just because I hate dislike football in Oklahoma doesn't mean I hate football in general. And now that I'm not living there it is less of a problem. It's a nice breather.

Football is a sport that people love to watch. I get it. It gives you something to do, something to talk about, something to drink about, something to get excited about. 

It's not like I'm going to walk around wearing one of these...


I actually watched two OSU football games here in NYC with Abbey this year. Get this, it was at a bar called Stillwater. Obviously it's the OSU fans bar. Did I have a good time! Of course. Is it something I will do all the time? Probably not. Well, not unless I meet a really cute guy who happens to love Oklahoma football. Then I might. At least I'm not lying.

Would I love to go to a football game that is not an Oklahoma college team? Absolutely. 

So, let me just make myself clear one last time...

I do NOT hate football. 

I just hate dislike football in Oklahoma. 

Please don't hate me. I love you. 

I would also like everyone to know I am going to a Jet's party this Sunday. See, I watch football with friends!

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  1. I guess this will do. Only because I got a shoutout tho. And I see me dragging you to an OSU game sometime in our future. I won't have done my civic duty, if not.