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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hotel Chantelle

I always love getting NYC recommendations from my friend Kristen. She always knows the best spots from a chill lounge to a mad dance party. When her birthday came around last week, I knew we would end up at some fabulous new hot spot that I had not yet met my presence. A few weeks ago when we were dining at La Esquina with Shannon and Mike, she first mentioned Hotel Chantelle. Unfortunately, we were unable to stop by later that evening. So when I received the birthday email stating location: Hotel Chantelle, I was pumped! 


You don't get the same feeling in the photos as you do personally entering on a dark eve with your girlfriends or possibly cute date. It is the perfect date location as the charming French themed hotel bar, without the actual hotel, is dark, cozy and softly lit by candlelit. 

The music perfectly fit the French environment where couples, dates and friends surrounded quietly conversing in dark booths or centrally located bar ordering fabulous cocktails from the endearing bartender. 

It was the perfect birthday party place, or group gathering, as the "U" shaped banquettes which line the walls and central space of the bar could seat up to six or possibly more, depending on how much you liked the person seated next to you. 

Kristen had visited Hotel Chantelle once before, dry run of course to make sure it was the perfect party place, as it obviously was, and sampled some of the famous cocktails. She recommended The Bramble, which is leaning towards being one of Hotel Chantelle's signature drinks. It was tasty to the point where I believe I had two. Matt had The Gibson, which I also tasted. It was spicy! 

Check out the cocktails and check out Hotel Chantelle! According to credible sources, there will soon be a dance club opening in the basement along with a French restaurant on the roof. Stick around to find out! I'm sure I will be back soon! 

Oh, and look at that, only a few blocks from my apartment. How convenient! Watch out, I might be a frequent visitor! 

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