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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hudson River Park Piers

Apparently the older you get, weekends are for waking up early and not sleeping in! Bright and early this morning, Silvia, Pia, Oliver and I took a lovely stroll over to the Hudson River Park Piers. The views from the Piers are always unbelievable but on this snowy morning, the views were breathtakingly beautiful. 
We spent a few hours running around the snow covered lawns and taking in this beautiful sunny day. 

The dogs love it! 

 They even made a new friend, a little four month old French Bulldog that was the cutest Frenchie I'd ever seen. Not to mention his attractive human... hint... movie star from Australia! AHH, Yes! Any guesses? I actually recognized the dog before the human. Strange how that happened. I might have been slightly bored yesterday and read a little online hollywood gossip. Thank goodness for Teddy Hilton or these two adorable creatures would have passed by without me noticing! (Note - The dog's name is not Mochi, Teddy Hilton got it wrong!! But, I know what it is!!)

This might just be my new favorite photo...

We worked up an appetite and headed over to Murray's for some fresh warm bagels. 

Silvia was a Murray's virgin. Not anymore. We couldn't stop ooooh-ing and ahhh-ing the entire way home. 

Now, on to the gym and then the King's Speech to finish off this gorgeous weekend! The parental units highly recommend it. Happy Sunday friends!

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  1. pinkplainangel- ElleJanuary 30, 2011 at 7:35 PM

    Gorgeous Pics Alexis! I love how you capture each moment so well! I wish I could be on one of your adventures just once! Beautiful amazing moments in time! Oliver and Pia are too adorable with their little sweathers! Thanks for sharing! ;)