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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pulino's Brunch

My eclectic interior design based blog has become a SoHo food blog. Well, at least for the time being and at least I warned you. I've been bouncing around the hood like a ping pong ball these days. I have been in and out of so many fabulous restaurants in the past week I can't even keep up. I am now going to attempt to catch up.

Who doesn't go out to brunch with their best friends on New Years Day? If you don't, you should. I had two friends who I know from Tulsa in town and I managed to get them at the same place at the same time along with another one of my girlfriends. Jesselyn was craving an egg on a pizza... I know. She requested Pulino's. I had been to Pulino's once before for dinner. It was good. Nothing special. But, I didn't want to waste a meal at a place I thought was just OK since my Tulsa friends were only here for a few days. However, Jesse insisted that their brunch was worth it. I really hoped she was right. 

I'm pretty sure everything looked so good on the menu we got an appetizer. None of us could decide what to get. Who gets an egg dish as an appetizer before brunch? Well, you do when it is scrambled eggs with shaved truffles on top. We all decided we needed a little taste. It was fabulous. 

Shannon also decided she wanted to give the egg on a pizza a shot and went for the Salsiccia which includes eggs, sausage, bacon, mozzarella and white cheddar cheese.

One of Jessica's friends got the bagel and soft scrambled eggs and salmon. It looked fantastic! 

I, being the Oklahoma girl that I am, went with the polenta biscuit and sausage gravy with scrambled eggs. To be absolutely honest, this was actually my first time to ever have biscuits and gravy. I think the polenta biscuit got to me. 

Jesselyn went with her craving of egg on a pizza and ordered the Spinaci. I still actually have a slice in the fridge. Not sure if it is still good. Maybe I'll give it a look and a poke tonight. If I don't post tomorrow, you know where I'll be! 

Jessica went with the traditional American Breakfast! 

Pulino's is a part of probably my favorite restaurant sisterhood in New York which includes Balthazar, Pastis, Minetta Tavern, Schillers, Morandi, Pravda, and Lucky Strike. I have been to all but Morandi. I guess I now know where I need to go next! All of the restaurants are fabulous and some of my favorites. They are all pretty much located with in walking distance from my apartment which is also fantastic! 

The interior decor is very similar throughout the restaurants. The white subway tile is very popular along with mirrors. 

They also have similar bathrooms. I just so happen to love Pulino's bathroom. How cool is this! I love the trough sink! 

This is definitely one of my new favorite brunch spots! 

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