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Friday, January 7, 2011

Russ & Daughters

The first time I happened upon Russ & Daughters, I didn't even live in New York City. I believe it was during the day trip I took to see MWK play at Arlene's Grocery my Junior or Senior Year in college. Obviously, it was worth asking my professor if I could take my final a day early so I could spend a day in NYC with everyone. 

Arlene's Grocery is in the Lower East Side (LES) and we pretty much spent all 24 hours in the LES including sleep. This was before the Hotel on Rivington was 100% completely open and the rooms were half the price, the elevators still draped in moving blankets and the restaurant didn't exist. 

The morning after (ha-ha), we walked around the city shopping, eating and snacking. I don't know why or how we ended up in Russ & Daughters but from that day on, I'm a regular. But, for an unusual reason than your common New Yorker.

Before I get on with my many obsessions, here's a little about Russ and his Daughters...

Did you know because I didn't...

      Russ & Daughters is filled with some of my favorite things! And then I don't feel so bad! Well, not really, I actually only go there for one thing. But, we'll get to that later. 

The front right side of the store (when you enter) is filled with all the sweets including a wide variety of dried fruits and chocolates.                                                                    

 There is a chocolate covered something for everyone. I'm more of a chocolate covered graham cracker or oreo girl. Shannon went for the chocolate covered apricots and Jesse decided on something chocolaty. I can't remember. My selfishness started to shine.

I was too distracted by the eye level large jar of these...  

My abnormal obsession with Russ & Daughters has to do with Kookabura Strawberry and Black Licorice. It is the first place I discovered it, tasted it and fell in love with it. It's NYC, you can find them everywhere along with the Tasti d Lite on Spring between and Avenue of the Americas as well. Not that my sweet tooth is keeping track of the local Australia Licorice locations or anything. But, because I fell in love with them here first, I always go back to my favorite places. It's a common trend I've begun to recognize in myself. 

Of course they also have the signature Black & White cookie!

The front left side of the store is filled with all of your savory items which include a range of cream cheeses, fish, caviar, olives and bagels. 

After brunch at Pulino's Jesselyn was craving a sweet. We were so close to Russ & Daughters it almost magically popped up on my radar and I started heading East before anyone knew what to say. I said, I know the perfect spot, plus I know what I want. 

The line was out the door, literally. Jesselyn, being your typical New Yorker, slid right in and managed to make room for Shannon and me. After we snaked our way to the candy counter, we realized, everyone was there for bagels, cream cheese and lox. As previously mentioned, my obsession with Russ & Daughters is an odd one. However, the next time I need a bagel, I know where I'm coming! 

I have pretty friends. Boys, come hang out with us. 

I told you it was an obsession. Look at that grin spread across my face. I can't believe Jesse captured this embarrassing guilty pleasure moment!

How to make the Russ & Daughters Super Heebster Sandwich at Home: 

They also have a blog called Russ & Daughters Lox Populi. You should read it. 

If you're a techy dork like myself and have the iPhone The New York Times The Scoop App, you will notice Russ & Daughters is on the "Only in N.Y." section under Stock Up on Smoked Fish! By the way, if you live here or are planning on visiting, this is one Application you NEED! It also includes the Sifty Fifty Resturants!

My goal: To check off my way through the entire "The Sifty Fifty" and "Only In N.Y." lists!


  1. I've been by there so many times and never thought to go in! I definitely won't be passing by again, but I'm going for the lox and bagel, I can't pass that up.

    Love that NYT app too! I didn't know what existed! Downloaded and ready to suggest all kinds of yummy's for me. As usual, miss Lex, you do not disappoint!

  2. Your blog makes me so damn hungry. But I can't get enough. Keep up the good work!

  3. All your restaurant stuff looks so so good. I wish I was planning a trip to NY. Hoping to live there some day. If nothing else these add to the list of places I need to check out.

    I love that you had the black and white cookies, it reminds me of Seinfeld. They really are 2 races of cookie, coming together. Look to the cookie.

  4. I grew up in NY but haven't lived there in a long time. Wish I were there now to go try some of this delicious food. They don't quite have the same bagels here in the San Francisco area! Also, interesting about the background of appetizing. Growing up Jewish in NY, you'd think I'd have know about that but nope!