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Friday, February 11, 2011

Falling Whistles

I figure since I showed you all the amazing presents I got my family for Christmas, I might as well continue the tradition down to my brother. I had no idea what I was going to get him. Not even a thought. Then one day, poof! This amazing thought crossed my mind. You know that light bulb I was talking about earlier, it lit up again. I knew it would be perfect. 

Last year I got the kid a necklace from Michele Varian which he actually wears! I figure if he wears that one, he might wear another. The thought behind this particular one is a little more special. 

The first time I heard of a Falling Whistle was at the David Cook concert at the Nokia Theater in Times Square in 2009. I was wearing my fabulous bronze whistle my friend and jewelry designer Courtney made. Jamey from Green River Ordinance was also wearing a whistle. We had a whistle off. But of course he had to one up me with the amazing story behind his. He won, but mine is still cool. 

From then on, every time I saw a falling whistle It reminded me of how much I really wanted one. Then I thought, what a cool gift one would make. Hence the lit light bulb! I believe the second time I saw a Falling Whistle was on my friend Abbey. It was then when it really sparked the idea for a gift. I just tend to forget after I get great ideas. Thankfully I remember this time!

I would go into more detail of the story behind the Falling Whistles however, I feel you need to visit their website for this one. The story is just too touching and amazing for me to try and narrate.

Because my brother is a boy, and in a band, I felt he needed a whistle with a rough and tough feel. I picked the brushed finish for the kid and I think it fits him perfectly. I love it and I hope he does too. I too will soon own a Falling Whistle. Maybe for my birthday... hint hint (MONDAY)!

So, if you're looking for something fun, interesting, special and creative to give as a gift or just splurge on yourself, check out Falling Whistles and help support the kids in Congo!

Follow them on Twitter @FallingWhistles!

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  1. So funny you posted this today, love. I swear on my life I had an epiphany a couple days ago and wrote a VERY similar post. It's going up Monday. I'll make sure and link back to this one. Love the brushed metal, definitely a good boy look. I'm sure Andy will love it, and if he doesn't, well... I'll hunt him down and make him love it.