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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Heaven Happens

In all shapes, sizes, colors, and forms. This one just happens to have all my favorites. 

"This house has an amazing calming effect on guests." Assures Paula Leen , maker of handmade textiles who lives and works in Akkrum , a village in the Dutch region of Friesland , situated in the countryside. Moreover, she admits that only peaceful and quiet atmosphere give it the inspiration for his works such as tapestries, carpets, blankets and even vases made almost exclusively in wool, mixed with other yarns to create texture are always different.
The colors of its objects but are always the same: those of natural felt, with a prevalence of gray and brown, clear and Nordic. These are the same nuances that occur in all his house, from the large kitchen with sloping ceiling and shelves made with raw materials (recycled wood and iron), which emanates a pleasant scent of herbal tea. In the study, whitewashed brick walls home page photo graphs and posters, but in the rest of the house, the walls are white and fifth floors, a bare stage, where her creations stand out: the ottoman and pillows do not carded wool softened by antique lace, remnants or irregular and primitive-looking, used as covers for chairs design.
"In my work I always try to explore the contrasts: soft and rough, male and female. often the result is that opposites attract. " Its no coincidence that they are objects that can heat both the hyper modern environments the most romantic and nostalgic. "There are still quite green," adds Leen, "but I'm working. Use only the wool of sheep raised on farms around here - sometimes I see them feed from my garden - and I try to mix it in tissue recovery: When my creations will become 100% sustainable, will be perfect. "
Service Italy Marie Claire 's January issue.

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