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Friday, February 18, 2011

Log Likes

I like logs. Especially a contemporary take on logs. There is something about logs that makes everything, even something cold, feel cozy and warm. 

I very much like the look of these stairs. The design is wonderful with the metal stringer, possibly metal risers and treads and clear glass railing. I can't really tell from the photo but the steps look metal and for my sake, we are just going to go with metal. Therefore, when you add a renewable resource like wood, it gives that contemporary look a more engaging and friendly feel. 

Last week we had a presentation from Ateliers Charles Jouffre. What stood out most for me during the presentation was this great photo. Again, the use of logs in a more contemporary space. The fireplace in its self is very contemporary with the horizontal and vertical beams. It really is a beautiful design. The log detail makes what could have been a boring center piece into a fascinating art form.  It really is an innovative use to a renewable natural resource and a wonderful way to bring the outdoors in. 

I guess as it gets warmer out, the more I am already starting to miss the coziness of wood logs and fireplaces. However, I am very excited for the new warmer seasons which are so close I can feel them! Goodbye Winter! Weather, bring on Spring! 

Happy Friday! 

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