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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oficina Latina

Last night after one hell of a visit to the UPS store, I enjoyed a lovely dinner with my friend Adam. After reviewing the menu of a new expensive pop up restaurant, which replaced my old favorite Le Jardin, we moved on to Oficina Latina on Prince Street. There are a few places in the hood that I have been meaning to try and this was on the top of the list!

This eclectic designed Pan-Latin tapas restaurant has a very cozy and comfortable feel. It was a cold windy night and not only were we happy to be off of the streets, we were happy to be enjoying a wonderful dinner in this pleasant place for a wonderful authentic Latin experience. 

Adam and I did notice one thing, there seemed to be two different designs going on and we are still questioning how the two concepts fit together. One half of the restaurant was very industrial with an exposed brick wall, rustic wood floors, exposed wood ceiling and beams, and a long pipe that ran above the tables with light bulbs hanging from cords. 

The other half, where we sat, had iridescent upholstered walls, with French antique chandeliers hanging from an antiqued tin ceiling. 

The menu had a large delicious section of tapas along with some starters, salads and entrées. I was in a salad mood, which doesn't happen often, so when it does I take full advantage. However, it has been happening quite frequently these days. I had the pear, walnut and Gorgonzola salad which was delicious! 

For an entrée I tried a dish our server recommended. I do not remember what it was called and trust me I've been stalking every "Oficina Latina" website Google has given me. Apparently the menu has changed since they first opened because Menu Pages does not list the dish I had. I will now do my very best to describe to you this skillet of goodness. 

Of course the first question every good server asks when you request a recommendation is do you eat seafood. The look on their face when I say no is always priceless. Then he said what about shrimp, because apparently shrimp doesn't count as seafood. Once I gave the ok on shrimp he recommended this traditional chorizo and shrimp rice dish. It was fabulous. 

We were too close to my favorite little bakery with my favorite oreo cheesecake for me to even consider dessert! So we asked for the check...

A check and a cigar? 

No, just a check.

But a fun concept. So I took a picture with it. 

I will be back. 

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