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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Too Cool For School

I love photography. Taking it, looking at it, learning about it, talking about it...yep, pretty much everything about it. My Dad also loves it. Especially mine (duh). For Christmas this year he requested some of my photos framed for his office (aka the back room of my parents house). 

In a previous post I mentioned the Levi's Photo Workshop in SoHo. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to check it out. I had to come up with an easier way to get my photos printed that didn't include my personal time, since I don't seem to have much of it these days. 

My coworker Jen, had just recently become obsessed with having prints made of her photos directly from iPhoto. (Literally obsessed! She is still getting boxes in the mail to this day. Oh wow, six today actually!) I knew about the fabulous calendars, books and cards but I didn't realize they could make multiple size prints as well. How perfect! I picked my four favorite prints, selected the size and hit send. That is exactly how easy it was for me to check Dad off of my Christmas list. 

I knew exactly how I wanted these photos framed. I just didn't quite know who was going to do it. We stopped at a few places in Tulsa before finally realizing if we didn't want to waste anymore of our time, we should head to the professionals. Chelsea Gallery was fabulous. I told them exactly what I wanted and they collaborated with me to come up with an even better design. Yesterday my parents informed me they were ready to be picked up. 

Later in the afternoon I got proof of the finished product along with a text from Dad saying 
"Just hung my Xmas presents. They are too cool for school! Awesome. I think you will be very pleased. LD"

MWK @ The Hurricane in Lawrence, KS on 01.04.06

My parents house in Downtown Tulsa 2007.

Roof of my Mulberry Street apartment in NYC 2007.

San Diego, CA 2009

Thank you Jen and Apple for helping me come up with a wonderful Christmas present for my Dad!

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  1. Beautiful pictures!

    I love the footprints on the sand. But they're pressed OUT, not IN. How did you do this?!