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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Breslin

My parents recently saw a Country, Swing, Gypsy fusion band in Tulsa by the name of Hot Club of Cowtown. Once they found out one of the bands next stops was NYC, my Dad begged me to go. Two tickets to the show, for me and a friend, followed by dinner anywhere we wanted was also included in our deal. It sounded like a good enough plan for me plus, the show was at Joe's Pub, a very nice walk from my apartment, and only lasted an hour and a half. 

I have to give myself props here and say, I am lucky enough to have grown up around music and can now really appreciate and know good music, even if it isn't the typical type of music I listen to. With that said, I must admit, I had fun. I totally clapped, head bobbed and wooed, especially when any part of the song related to Oklahoma. See, I stand proud. It sounded like it could have been the soundtrack to a silent cartoon. Very Charlie Chaplin feel.

After the show we pigged out (literal technical term) at The Breslin. They are known for their Suckling Pig Dinner. You guessed it, a whole roasted suckling pig in the center of the table. Unfortunately, or fortunately, our two little selves wouldn't be able to put away a whole pig. 

The Breslin is located in the awesome Ace Hotel. Another NYC hot spot I had yet to make my mark. From No. 7 Sub, which I have been to, to Stumptown Coffee (which I hear is as addicting as crack cocaine) The Ace Hotel is just full of amazingly awesome experiences. They even have an eclectic store called Opening Ceremony filled with hipster apparel and accessories to perfume and even macaroon flavored candles. Even the lobby is happening with the DJ, lounge seating and bar gracing the presence of the back wall. 

The Breslin doesn't take reservations, so we shopped, browsed and chatted for a good hour until we were seated. Luckily, there is enough to do so you don't get bored while waiting for your table. 

The interior decor has a very British pub feel with pig chockies displayed throughout. 

The menu was simple with a variety of different snacks and entrées. We splurged and went all out. As our server, Alex, warmly welcomed us, I quickly noted we were starving. He informed us they were sold out of everything. Of course he was just joshin around! However, with our first order of the evening, he sadly had to explain they were really out of Scotch Eggs. Poor Tess, she had been staring at the images of Scotch Eggs all day waiting to try her first. I guess it just means we have to go back.

Instead, we went with the Beef and Stilton Pie and a Chickpea and Lentil salad with sausage (it isn't on the below menu). Both were fabulous. I really loved the Beef and Stilton  Pie. 

For entrées I really had no choice but to try toe Chargrilled lamb burger with feta, cumin mayo (which made the burger and fries) and thrice cooked chips which were to die for. Tess was trying to decide between the Cod and the Ribeye. I made up her mind for her when I said if she got the Ribeye, I'd eat some but the Cod, not so much.

Both entrées were fabulous.  The fries were unbelievable and are possibly my favorite in New York at the moment. 

Because we weren't paying it was a "special night" we splurged and each got a dessert. We went out on a limb and tried something we both had never had, Spotted Dick. Let's just say it's about as interesting as a real one. We also got the Brioche Doughnuts with Spiced Maple Butter, Chocolate Sauce and Salty Caramel Sauce. The doughnuts were awesome but, when dipped in the Salty Caramel Sauce, they were spectacular. I believe I could have licked the dish. 

We each also had a cocktail while waiting for our table. Tess loves Gin and The Garden Tonic hit the spot. I love pretty much anything with cucumbers. It was nice and refreshing. 

It was a great evening, show and all. We had so much fun perusing the hotel and discovering all of the restaurants, bars and shops. I'd love to go back for brunch and of course, Tess needs to have her Scotch Egg.  

And a happy note to leave you with today...

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