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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fifth Floor Updates 2011

The time had come, I needed a change, an update, something different and brand spanking new! 


For my birthday this year, my parents got me new bedding from West Elm. I had been wanting new bedding for a while however, I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. Something clean, crisp, fresh, mature, pretty yet masculine and of course comfortable. I was finding that combination was hard to come by, especially for a reasonable price. You should know me by now, I have expensive taste. I blame it on work. 

Once I had the bedding down, the rest was a piece of cake. Just a few pillows here, new curtains there and a few fillers everywhere else. It only took me over an hour at West Elm throwing pillows back and forth the front of the showroom, and mixing and matching different colors, textures and sizes to get my perfect scheme. Hey, who said it was easy! This is why I have a job!

 I love my new bedding very much. It is actually very cozy, comfortable and soft. I've been sleeping like a baby. It was time I finished off the apartment. Hey, once I get started, it's hard to stop me!

New Bedding:

Detailed View

Handknit Throw

Alpaca Textured Pillow Cover

It was time to have some fun. I headed into West Elm to play around with fuzzy and furry things. I had some pillows and accessories in mind from the images on their website, I just had to see what they looked like together. I also had a little eye sore to deal with, my existing sofa. It had to stay. I can't afford to replace it right now so I had to work with it. The sofa was existing in the apartment when I moved in (which was actually great because, I didn't have to buy one or have someone deliver it to the fifth floor up).

Unfortunately, this existing sofa is tan. Not really what I had in mind with my new color scheme. Actually, lack of color scheme I would say. The first comment my friend Craig said after "How grown up!" was "Where did all the color go?" I went with grey, black and white tones this time around. I had color in the past but it was now time for me to update to my current taste which a little more calm, quiet and clean. 

Because I had to work with this tan sofa, I went with different shades of white, ivory, cream and black. These colors help the sofa instead of clash with it. I added a little black and white pattered pillow to give a little contrast and excitement since I had taken away a lot of color. I also brought in different textures within the pillows. 

Sofa Pillows:

Detailed View

Totem Pillow Cover

Knotted Felt Pillow Cover

Amazingly, I went back and forth with curtain panels for a wee bit longer than I did the pillows. I knew the color I wanted, steel grey, and I knew the style. However, they didn't have the style I wanted in the correct color. Boo Hoo. 

I really wanted curtain panels with grommets, the little metal ringy thingys at the top where the pole slides through. However, they didn't have the color I wanted. So, I went with the preferred color over the grommets with intentions of purchasing the ring clips. The ring clips are where the rings slid through the poles and the clips clip onto the panel (Image below). 

I chose a thicker more contemporary designed pole to give the curtains a more substantial look. I have always liked the dark finish so I went with Gunmetal. It also kind of goes along with my "Grey Tone Theme!"

Curtain Hardware and Curtain Panels:

Detailed View: Steel


Here is my big girl apartment! There are still a few things here and there I would like to get but for now, I love it!

Finished Product:

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  1. Love it! Can't wait to visit & see it in person!