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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Williamsburg Weekend: Late Afternoon Drinks

To continue my weekend in Williamsburg, we will now head down the street to Maison Premiere, or as some call it, Bar Oysters (see the sign below). 

Bar Oysters, I mean Maison Premiere, specializes in Oysters and Absinthe. Their liquor list was quite extensive. Although this blog doesn't reflect my good behavior, I myself, am not a big drinker and didn't know half the liquors on the list. This just means I need to start paying attention and educate myself more. That way I'll sound smart next time! 

Maison Premiere's ode to the green fairy is displayed, center stage, dispensing chilled water in the form of the worlds most accurate working replica of the Absinthe fountains which once flowed in the Ode Absinthe House of New Orleans. 

On to the Absinthe... 

The place is adorable, quiet and classy. The interiors were very reminiscent of Paris cafe's and the French Quarters in New Orleans. The materials and finishes were also spot on with the antiqued washed hardwood floors and metal wainscot and painted walls that had a fresco-ish appeal. Of course the honed Carrera marble bar top with the copper accents also made you feel right at home.

I mentioned tequila and got Mezcal. Apparently Mezcal is very similar and they thought I should try something different. I agreed. It had a very smoky flavor to it. I very much enjoyed it. 

After playing musical cocktails, yes we tried each others, we started to get hungry. Except, I wasn't in the mood for oysters. When have I ever been in the mood for oysters? The answer to that would be NEVER. Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to hold that smelly shell up to my mouth, throw my head back, swallow that slimy little creature and feel it squirming down my throat. Ha, don't hold your breath. 

However, they do have an extensive oyster list for you crazy oyster loving fools. 


This is definetely a place I could come back and enjoy a nice quite afternoon drinking Mezcal cocktails. I really enjoyed the complete package. If only they had bread pudding. I might need to work on that one.

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  1. I'm with you on the oysters. I LOVE seafood, but I don't think I could ever bring myself to eat a raw oyster. The texture (which you described quite accurately, LOL) is way too gross.