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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

I'm sad to say my three day Easter weekend is over. What an amazing three day Easter weekend it was! A weekend packed full of food, friends and fun! After a long twelve hour day in the Hamptons on Thursday, knowing I had Friday off made it much easier! 

Unfortunately, because the weather was supposed to be rainy for the next week, I only planned one ride which happened to be bright and early Friday morning. Tess and I made a quick pit stop at Bicycle Habitat to pick me up a cycling windbreaker. It's easier to feel the part when you look the part right?

So, I got me a sexy little Specialized Aqua Veto Jacket. Black, of course! 


We took off up the Hudson River Park bike path to the George Washington Bridge light house and back. It was a nice 22 miler. Boy, was I glad I had my new jacket or what! Spring had not fully sprung yet! 

What is better than a post cycling brunch after a long ride? Nothing! So, that is what we did. We decided on one of my favorite architectural spaces on Mulberry Street, Tartinery NoLita. I've actually been hanging out here a lot lately. They have a nice chill bar that doesn't get too crowded, the music is great and the food is perfect. Plus, it's a block and a half from my apartment. You can't beat that. 


Tess had a fresh squeezed apple carrot celery ginger juice.

I did something I'd never done at Tartinery before. I had an appetizer. This might have been one of the best decisions of my life. We shared the Tavioles de Royans which is a traditional baked cheese ravioles in a cream truffle oil sauce. Holy amazing

For our entrees, Tess had my favorite Tartine which is the Croque Madame and I had the deliciously filling Cobb Salad. 

My lazy self decided instead of going home to get cleaned up, why not head to Equinox to relax in the steam room and then pamper myself. After a relaxing day at the spa, Kristen and I walked the streets of SoHo gossiping and shopping. What a perfect Friday afternoon. 

Tess and I finally parted ways with Kristen and went back to my apartment to meet some friends where we drank wine, listened to some great tunes and waited for my brother to get finished playing golf with Monty so I could post the ever so famous To Have Heroes: Lost in America EP Sneak Peek. I hope everyone enjoyed the little surprise! 

After my job was done, we shipped out and down the block to Oro Bakery and Bar. This cute little, and do I mean little, spot is around the corner from my apartment. Not only do they have great food, baked goods, and coffee, they also have sake cocktails. Two for one during happy hour! They are good! 

After some fun happy hour sake cocktails we decided we should have something little to munch on. Tina had the salmon and dill quiche, Craig had the Croque Monsieur, Tess had something fishy and I had the handmade meatballs. 

During this lovely evening, we decided we should have a girls Easter brunch on Sunday. Sounded too to me. I graciously accepted the hosting position. 

On Saturday I was exhausted. Guess what, it was the perfect day for me to be exhausted. It was grey, gloomy and rainy so, I laid around and watched movies all day until I had to get ready for dinner. Miraculously, right around the time I left the house, the rain stopped! Unfortunately, the humidity didn't! My board straight hair became wavy.

Dinner was lovely. My friend Silvia's parents were in NYC visiting from Spain for the weekend, and she decided a dinner was the perfect place for her parents to meet her friends for the first time. Jadis was the perfect location. It is adorable, quite and could accommodate our large party easily. 

Magically, my wine glass stayed full all night. The food was also great. I had the wonderful Oscar salad with baby spinach, chicken, goat cheese and roasted pumpkin. It was delicious. Most of the group had quiches which smelled fabulous! 

I fit right in! You would never know I was the only one who didn't speak Spanish! 

After dinner we headed back to the Village for a little Cuban dancing at Favela Cubana.

After dancing, I was ready to relax with a nice glass of wine. We headed to Jean George's,  The Mercer Kitchen, to enjoy the rest of the evening.

The Mercer Kitchen is a great architectural space. Of course all of my favorite elements, including glass, metal and wood, make up this beautiful contemporary space. Look at the beautiful glass pendants. 

And then it was Sunday. After a quick pick up of the apartment, yoga and a stop at the store to pick up the last few ingredients for our girls Easter Brunch, I headed home to prep the kitchen. 

What a great team we made! Sara poached the eggs, Tess made the bacon and put the English muffins in the toaster and I made the delicious hollandaise sauces. 

We added a little mixed green side salad with avocado slices along with some fresh watermelon, green grapes, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and kiwi.

Not to mention the five bottles of champagne. Seems like everyone wanted to celebrate a little Easter. 

After four hours of seven people hanging out in my little studio, we decided to head out for some ping pong at the Standard Biergarten while it was still beautiful outside. 

...and some fun Easter photo booth photos!

For dinner we stayed in the Meat Packing, as the rain continued to pour, and walked across the street at Fig and Olive.

I had the Grilled Thyme Chicken Paillard Salad with free range marinated chicken breast with thyme, arugula, haricots verts, red bell pepper, tomato, roasted potato, red onions, avocado, lemon dressing – Picholine Olive Oil.

Kristen had the Penne Funghi Tartufo with cremini mushroom, parmesan, black truffle paste, fresh parsley and scallion and white truffle olive oil.

Sara and Mike both had the, Grilled Truffle Chicken Pillard with free range chicken breast marinated with thyme, served with truffle mashed potato leek confit in olive oil 
and herbs of course topped with their white truffle olive oil.

Robbie had the Fig and Olive Mediterranean tasting menu which included: 
Grilled chicken breast marinated with thyme, truffle mashed potato & leek confit – White Truffle Olive Oil
Grilled lamb on rosemary skewers, bell peppers, Greek yogurt & honey, couscous salad – Koroneiki Olive Oil
Grilled shrimp and tomato skewer on a saffron rice – Oregano Olive Oil.

Everything was fantastic however, Kristen's Penne Funghi Tartufo with the truffle olive oil took the cake. This dish was unbelievable. It was also the best deal for the portion size and price. My salad, which was a bit pricey was fairly small. I'm not gonna lie, I had a little snack when I went home. Not something you want to be doing after an expensive dinner. Next time, I'm getting the Penne Funghi Tartufo. Actually, that is probably one of the only reasons I would ever go back. It was that good. 

I had an amazing weekend filled with my amazing friends. I am so blessed. It was the perfect weekend for the Easter holiday. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend.  

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