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Friday, April 8, 2011

Perty in Paris

Karine and Matthieu are the owners responsible for the renovation of this wonderful home. The couple rented this perty pad in Paris for 10 years before they were given the option to purchase. 

The interior design, open floor plan, use of natural light and material finishes were inspired by the couples past trips to Japan. Beautiful colors throughout the textiles and rugs add the warmth and pop that are perfect for this more industrial space. 

Not only were these different materials used within the interior architecture of the space, they were also used in the furniture and decor. I love the use of miss matched chairs at the Dining Room table. Mixing wood and metal is a look, but one that works well in this space.

Architectural elements were used throughout the home as decoration as well. You can see below the wood paneled wall with niches for decorations. I love the use of the metal and glass wall to the outside. That is one element I will have in my future dream home. 

The Architect, François Muracciole custom designed different aspects such as handrails, sinks and radiators, throughout the house which gave it that special and personal touch. Partition glass walls were added to create more space. They also allow for more natural light throughout the home. 

I am a big believer in the neutral palate which is a constant theme throughout the home.

Along with the use of the industrial look and furniture, the couple added some vintage pieces to give a more homey and eclectic feel to the space. Mixing simple linen textiles with stripes also adds a nice contrast into the mix. 

All elements were used in the bathrooms with the use of concrete floor and walls in the shower, hardwood flooring in the bathroom and glass for the shower door. There is also the use of porcelain/ceramic with the beautiful trough sink. The design is very simple which makes the space very elegant. 

The Kitchen and Dining Room are my favorite rooms in this home with the Living Room and that amazing window a close third. This is definitely a perty pad in Paris!

Photographed by Jean-Marc Wullschleger


  1. I'm so ignorant when it comes to interior design, so I apologize if this question makes me looks stupid. haha

    In the fourth picture that black/glass on the right side the door that leads to the outside? Or is it the white/glass in the middle of the picture? If the former, then that strip of walkway between the two rooms is actually outside? I could definitely go for that type of design in my own house.

  2. This home is so chic and fabulous...thanks for sharing it here!