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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Scandinavian Spell

In preparation for my trip to Sweden this summer, oh, what is that? You didn't know I was going to Sweden this summer? Stupid me, I must have left that out! Well, I'm going to Sweden this summer because, my friend Jennifer is getting MARRIED. And, guess what, I'm a bridesmaid! 

I've never been to Sweden and it just so happens, this wedding also coincides with the perfect time in my life to visit Sweden. Why is this you ask? Well, there is only one real answer; I am currently in love with all Scandinavian designs/styles. Pretty much 83.7% of all designs presently displayed on my blog within the past few months are Scandinavian. 

Not only am I jumping for joy for the fact that I get to visit another country I've never been to, I also get to experience the lifestyle and designs for a whole eight days! I will be seeing much of the country including Stockholm, all the way down to the southern tip of Skanör. A day trip to Copenhagen is also a must! 

In the meantime, I would like to share some Scandinavian designs, to prepare and excite myself for my adventure in Sweden!

Love the wood beams!




What fabulous wood floors. 


I love this old metal and glass cabinet. Ochre has one in their store that is very similar. I have been eying for years now! 

Now I'm even more excited for Sweden! 

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