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Monday, April 4, 2011

Trek Nerdz Team

I had an a(pause)mazing weekend. 
I decided to do multiple short pictorial posts per said "a(pause)mazing" events of the weekend.

Friday after work, Oliver and I headed to Bicycle Habitat because, Emma was buying a road bike! It's about damn time too. Tess arrived shortly after and the three of us sat and watched while Dave set Emma up with her new bike (name to be disclosed soon). Dave is our Trek Daddy Master. Follow him on twitter. 

I am ecstatic to announce, Emma is a proud new owner of a Trek Lexa. It was touch and go there for a while between the Trek and a Specialized, but in the end the Trek pulled through. As a result of this new Trek owner, and our easy spiral to boredom, the Trek Nerdz Team (TNT) was born. 

Our bible...

Our first TNT ride which included a pit stop at Grey Dog Cafe for some Chai Tea Latte's and brunch in Brooklyn Heights. 


I also have other good news. I am almost the proud new owner of a Raleigh Technium road bike. Can't wait to have a lock up! Grocery store better get ready! Tess, you rock!

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