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Friday, April 1, 2011

Williamsburg Weekend: Dinner

My Williamsburg weekend ended with a dinner at Fette Sau. I'm currently in the process of physically and mentally (it really is a mental challenge) trying to eat more protein. I recently thought about my protein intake and realized there wasn't much of it. Because of this, I requested a restaurant that had multiple meat options. 

Low and behold, there just so happened to be a BBQ restaurant right across the street called, Fette Sau, which is also owned by the same person who owns Spuyten Duyvil, where we had afternoon drinks.

I have never really been one to suggest BBQ or spontaneously request or require BBQ however, I really do love it. This is my second trip to a BBQ restaurant this month alone (first was in Salt Lake a few weeks ago). Impressive, I know. The last time I had BBQ was a quick lunch date with the ex circa 2008. From what I remember, it wasn't great. I was hoping this would be a better experience.  

Fette Sau was fantastic from the moment we stepped inside the door until we exited, smelling of course like BBQ. You may have previously seem my recent tweets of the BBQ smell that following me around NYC all the way to a construction job site the next day! The mystery was solved shortly after with the discovery that the smell was coming from my iPhone case and thankfully not stuck in my nostrils. That was a relief. 

Unfortunately, with the ever lasting winter NYC has been having, we were unable to sit outside at their pick nick tables, which would have helped immensely with the smell.  It is a great option to have when the weather does decide to agree with us New Yorkers. 

The interior was an eclectic mix of industrial with a rustic kick. What would a BBQ restaurant be without pick nick tables and paper towels. 

The concrete floors, exposed brick, subway tile bar with the glass and metal garage door not to mention the wood beam ceiling are all some of my favorite things! And, how about those retro bar stools! Fabulous! I have also recently become a big fan of chalkboard walls. Especially at restaurants.. 

Not that many people eat out alone, but if you do, this isn't a spot I would suggest unless you don't mind waiting. I only say this because it was nice to have a team. One person to scope out a seat at the communal pick nick tables, and one to stand in line and order the food. I quickly found a seat and held down the fort. The line didn't take long, which means I didn't have to sit alone forever. 

The food is served on pretty much your typical cafeteria tray. Except, this one is metal lined with paper topped with piles and piles of protein meat!


I am not a picky eater when it comes to food, except for slimy oceany things, so I said surprise me! I can't remember everything we had except for the beef cheek and brisket. I believe we had some sort of pork as well along with some of Cora's Broccoli Salad, Gus' Sauerkraut and homemade rolls as sides. The Burnt End Baked Beans looked and smelled amazing. Next time, I will for sure be sampling some of em! 

Like most BBQ restaurants, there were different BBQ sauce options. I tried the traditional BBQ sauce which was your typical medium in spice, along with the spicy stuff, which was all heat and not much flavor! The traditional sauce had a great flavor which I really enjoyed but, it wasn't spicy enough for me. So, I made up my own concoction by mixing the two. That was my ticket!

Check out that plate of food! 

Dinner all around was fabulous! This is definitely the perfect Mom and Pop spot. My parents love BBQ and love eating in Brooklyn even more. I can't wait to show them my new Williamsburg hot spots! Brownie points for me! Except, this time I'll make sure to take them when we can sit outside. Not sure the parents would want to smell like a tasty treat to Oliver all day. 

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