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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Art in Abundance

I have recently sparked an interest in art. A particular interest at that. More of an abundance in art. A collage or a particular placement that just looks fabulous. It doesn't matter what kind of art whether it's watercolor, photographs, oil on canvas or even what type, material of color of frame, when done correctly, it just looks fantastic and can really make a room.



As you can see one similarity within these photos is the white wall. A white wall really does do wonders for art in abundance. Boy, does a black frame on a white wall look good! It should almost be illegal!

Dining Room in Sk├Âna Hem



I know it's a work in progress, as most art isn't typically affordable to purchase in abundance, but the wall above my desk is on it's way to fabulous. I will soon be replacing some of the wallpaper samples with my own photography. I think this is the perfect "Do It Yourself" project for next month!

For ideas on making your own wall of art in abundance, you can take a look at Framed on a Dime, a post I wrote a couple years ago while renovating the wall above my desk.

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