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Friday, May 13, 2011

Bed Dreams

I believe I've found it, my new favorite Tumblr! It could possible be the lack of sleep from last night, the short addiction to which has now left me with an absence of caffeine in my life, or the long annoying week I've endured in this city that never sleeps. Whatever the long lists of reasons, everyone should always get excited for Fuck Yeah Comfy Beds

For the past two hours I've been daydreaming of a messy bed overflowing with freshly white laundered sheets, a fluffy soft feather down comforter and a plethora of pillows. Pretty much like the one above. 

There is something about a messy extremely comfortable looking bed that just gets me excited. 

Chateau de Massillan in Provence  

(Via Apartment Therapy)

Oh, what a bed can do for a person....

(via alwaysmemberneverforget)

And now, I need a nap. 
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend in a messy bed. 

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