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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Char No. 4

Our Sunday ritual came and went too quickly as always. The Trek Team met up for some laps around Prospect Park in the misty weather. 

We finished soaking wet and it was quickly decided we needed nourishment and heat. We had been planning on eating outside at Buttermilk Channel however, with the current weather conditions, eating outside was not really an option. Emma recommended a cute little place I'd been wanting to check out on Smith Street. It was an easy ride in the right direction so we headed that way stopping only once to check out Dennet Place, the street of tiny doors. 

We arrived at Char No. 4 and were seated immediately in the quaint little section in the back. 

Char No. 4 is a whiskey bar and restaurant inspired by a passion for bourbon. The name refers to the practice of aging bourbon in charred new oak barrels, which gives bourbon its characteristic sweet, carmelized flavors and its beautiful amber hue. Char No. 4 features over 150 American whiskeys and serves a menu of American fare with a focus on smoked meat. The American whiskeys are augmented by an extensive list of whiskeys from Europe and beyond as well as a selection of all-bourbon cocktails.
The restaurant  is located in a 19th century row house in Cobble Hill  Brooklyn. The design environment takes inspiration from this tradition in its treatment of light, its use of color, and in its nod to the form and construction of whiskey barrels both within the water-jet cut pattern of the steel façade, and in custom designed light fixtures. A field of large cylindrical pendants suffuse the space with a tawny glow that sets a mood of sophisticated conviviality for both drinking and dining. The light transmitted through these fixtures bathes the entire space in a golden hue which reinforces the many colors of whiskey displayed in a custom designed LED-lit cabinet behind the bar.

Everything on the menu sounded amazing. We had worked up an appetite and were ready to get our eat on! Emma and I couldn't decide on what we would like to eat. Everything sounded incredible and there were more than one items on the menu that hit the spot. Luckily, this time, everyone decided on something different and when we are with the girls, everything is shared. 

I was in need of some serious protein and decided on the Farmer cheese, cartelized onions and basil omelet with crispy garlic potatoes and a side of sage-pork sausage patties. There was an incredibly tasty sauce spread on the bottom of this omelet that I could have licked on it's own. Not to mention the potatoes that had so much flavor, everyone was eating off of my plate. It was delicious. 

Emily had the Poached Eggs with grits and a side of Buttermilk Biscuits with a side of Honey Almond Butter. 

Tess was a huge fan of the Buttermilk Biscuits with Honey Almond Butter. 

Tess had the special of the day which was a cornbeef hash topped with eggs. It sounded much fancier when the server described the dish. 

For the table we had a side of Sweet Corn Hominy Grits with Bacon. Talk about delicious. 

However, Emma won the blue ribbon again. Her Buttermilk Pancakes with Rhubarb Jam and Honey Almond Butter were the best pancakes I'd ever had. Not to mention the amount of pancakes on that plate. These were not only the best, but the largest, fluffiest and fattest pancakes. They were pretty much sex on a plate. 

...and did we do well...

...very well! We all chipped in to help!

Char No. 4 was amazing. Everything from the service to the food was wonderful.

After we stuffed our faces we felt a slight bit of guilt after our 18 mile ride so we decided to continue on in our journey. From Carroll Gardens we headed back over the Manhattan Bridge, across Manhattan and to the West Side Hudson River Park.

We rode up to the George Washington Bridge Lighthouse and back with a record breaking ride of 42 miles. After that brunch, it was definitely needed and totally worth it.  

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