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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jack the Horse Tavern: Brooklyn Heights

A couple of weekends ago I enjoyed brunch in the lovely neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights. We had just finished our first team bike ride of the season and figured the best way to celebrate was none other than New York City's largest Sunday tradition, brunch. 

It took a little longer to figure out where we wanted to eat on account of our trusty bikes. Unfortunately, it wasn't exactly nice enough to eat outside yet which would allow us to watch our bikes since none of us had locks, not that we would lock up our road bikes anyway, so we decided to swing by Emma's apartment and drop them off.

Then, in full riding gear including our cycling shoes, we headed down the street to Jack the Horse Tavern. No we didn't wear our helmets but, I'm sure we were a sight! Padded shorts and all!

 None of us had been there yet, which is usually a requirement when brunching and very odd, so it was kind of worked out perfectly. The place is adorable. It has a very homey comfortable feel with the exposed brick, wood beams in the header of the two rooms and newly painted tin ceilings. The decorations also had a very country-esque feel which of course brought back that Oklahoma in Emma and me! 

The story behind Jack the Horse Tavern and it's owners and chef!

There were multiple items on the menu each of us could have enjoyed. I believe it took us longer to order from our excessively large appetites after the long ride! We were all so hungry and everything sounded terrific. 

I had the Royal Eggs which was baked eggs with goat cheese, sun dried tomatoes, pestso and toast. It also came with your choice of gravlax, prosciutto or bacon. I went with the prosciutto.  The dish was a little on the small side, but other than that it was pretty damn awesome. 

Tess had the Smoke Trout Salad with fingerling potatoes, red grapes, apples, almonds, and creme fraiche vinaigrette. Besides from the trout, it looked fabulous. 

But, Emma's breakfast burrito took the blue ribbon of the brunch. Not only was it the largest breakfast burrito i'd ever see, it's amazing-ness was stuffed full of eggs chorizo spanish rice topped with queso blanco salsa verde and a side of sour cream. Delish!

Jack the Horse Tavern is located on the corner of Cranberry Street and Hicks Street in the quaint and quiet tree lined streets of Brooklyn Heights. The neighborhood is beautiful right now with all of the trees and flowers in bloom. 

I'm not sure when I'll be back but you can bet, I'll be having that breakfast burrito soon.

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