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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kitchen Knowledge

*And again, as my bad blogging skills go, I have not referenced the images as I could not remember where they all came from. I promise I have been better keeping track these days. Please, if you know where any of these images can be found, let me know. Thanks!

Is it just me, or these days are we seeing a lot of Kitchens with a large center dining tables instead of a center island? 

I guess it could have to do with the style and their more industrial features I have been revolving around lately. However, not all of the images I've found are actually that industrial. They are more Scandinavia and French Country. I'm not sure how I feel about this design concept. In the end, it could have to do with space restrictions and not a separate Dining Room. Let's take a look...

Don't worry, your traditional center island won't be going out of style anytime soon. As wonderful of an aesthetic it is, it also serves as a very functional point in every Kitchen.  You could bet, if I had room for one, it would be there. 

The surface material of a center island is one of my favorite features. It can pretty much be anything from stone to a butcher block wood top. Depending on how you will use it, it can pretty much be customized to your lifestyle. 

Here are some beautiful Kitchens, of all styles, that feature center islands. 

Of course, then there are also times when you also have your center island and dining table in the Kitchen. It is very common to have your Kitchen dining table in a separate room or special nook these days. The homes are larger and accommodate a special breakfast nook, as many are called, within close proximity to the Kitchen. However, it is nice to see the traditional Kitchen perform as it was destined to do.

Many Kitchens these days are replacing these Kitchen dining tables with counter stools and eating at the center island, like my family. However, our Dining Room table is visible from every angle of the Kitchen.

It will be interesting to see what I choose to do when the day comes and I get to design my own home from scratch. Until then, I will keep researching the new up and coming Kitchen designs. What does everyone else think?

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  1. Well since you asked for our thoughts...I shall give them to you. :D

    I can't say I like the idea of the dining room table being *in* the kitchen. It's convenient, because you're right near the fridge, the stove, and the sink (making for faster and easier clean up). But the ambiance would be weird. I wouldn't want to eat in the kitchen at a why do it in my own home?

    I like the breakfast nook with an island. The breakfast nook isn't actually *in* the kitchen, but it's close enough so that you don't have to carry food and dishes very far. My family uses our breakfast nook for breakfast, lunch, and simple dinners. We use our big dining room table (which is just around the corner, but beyond the child security gate. LOL) when we're having bigger meals that won't "fit" on the table in the breakfast nook. It works out pretty well.