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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Buttermilk Channel

Second times a charm! No, that's not what they say? Well for me it seemed to work. There was no way I was going back a third time. Three strikes and you're out is my motto and I wasn't going to let that happen when it comes to me and my Sunday brunching.

Even though we had to wait an hour, a really long tiring hour, I can finally say I have officially enjoyed brunch at Buttermilk Channel. It must have been my lucky day, except for the really long tiring hour, because me and my girlfriends were seated outside at one of their six outdoor tables and what perfect weather it was to sit outside.

On my way to Sara's earlier that morning, I had a chance to sit down at the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and check out the latest tweets in the Twitter world to make sure Nadal was winning, and I came across one of Buttermilk Channel's tweets which read: 

 Doug Crowell 

Frying up a batch of our new donuts. Blood orange jelly w cinnamon sugar  

From that moment, I'm pretty sure I knew what I was having as an appetizer. Do people really have appetizers during brunch? Apparently.  

I really didn't get a chance to check out the interior as we waited for our table and were seated outside. However, from the image, it looks adorable. Nothing over the top, very simple, homey and cute. There are contemporary aspects added within the traditional structure of the building. Of course the exposed brick wall adds warmth that allows the creamy walls to work without seeing too stark.

I love the medium light hardwood bar counter in contrast to the dark stained bar stools. Of course the pendant fixtures are some of my favorites, not overpowering but they do give a statement. 

Sara and I were on the same page that morning.  Two of the Blood Orange Jelly Donuts with Sugar were on the top of our list. Typically I would not be attracted to anything orange or citrus flavor but Sara talked me into it by saying anything she has ever had from Buttermilk Channel has been amazing. 

Of course, she was right. The jelly was not tart and tangy as I expected and in fact, it wasn't really filled, there was a center dollop, that worked with the donut instead of overpowering it. The jelly was so good, I opened the donut to spread it. 

Both Sara and Jasmine got the same main dish, the Eggs Huntington, which is Buttermilk Channel's take on Eggs Benedict with poached eggs, buttermilk biscuits, Benton's Country Ham and Hollandaise sauce. This seemed to be one of the most popular dishes, as at least one person at every table had it. I, on the other hand, wanted to try something different from the two girls. Of course!

I decided to step out of my comfort zone and go with the server recommend dish of Short Rib Hash with Eggs Sunny Side Up, Toast and Organic Greens. I substituted a side of the cheddar waffles for the toast. I had to. The guy at the next table did it too and I couldn't help but notice how amazing they looked. 

I also did it on behalf of our table. I didn't want us to be the only table not to order a side of the pancakes or waffles. I am not kidding, every table had a side of the pancakes to share as an appetizer except ours. I really liked those people, they really knew how to brunch. I had to follow the lead and go with the flow. The Cheddar Waffles were fantastic. A little savory with the sweet, a perfect mix. 

Next time I think I would order one of the scrambles. Served in their own little cups, they looked filling and tasty. 

This whole fried chicken and waffles ordeal has become popular recently and I haven't actually tried it. I have a feeling Buttermilk Channel has been doing it for awhile. I think i'm hungry again. 

However, I believe this would be dinner for me. 

Brunch was fantastic although, I'm not sure I would wait an hour again to eat there. However, I am glad to say I can now cross Buttermilk Channel off my list as they were on the top. What restaurant has taken their spot? Maybe you will find out soon! 

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