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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ochre: Chandelier Installation

The time has finally come to reveal our infamous Ochre Arctic Pear Chandelier. Not only is it the most amazing one I've seen, no offense, it is also the largest Arctic Pear Chandelier Ochre has custom built to date at eight feet in diameter. 

My love for this chandelier is going on four years now. I am still in shock that I finally got to witness the installation of my dream chandelier. 

The chandelier, being so large, had to be brought in through a window.  Jennifer and I  had to get there early to ensure the window was removed before the crane arrived. 

The chandelier and it's many parts were delivered roughly thirty minutes before the crane arrived. However, the crane company sent a team over to hold a place for the crane and watch over the crate until it was go time. 

The movers brought up the small boxes filled with the large and small glass drops for us to examine. I want to say there were roughly thirty boxes with twenty-eight large glass drops in each box. That brings the total of glass drops to 840.

Once the crane arrived, the chandelier was in before you could say oh my gosh! Luckily, since there were two of us, Jen and I were able to snap some action shots from both interior and exterior. 

I started the pre celebration once the chandelier was inside and out of its crate.
However, I didn't get too excited because something always goes wrong. Right?

We were lucky enough to work with a fantastic team made up of two people from Ochre, three of the contractors, two professional lighting installers and of course, Jen and myself. It was quite the team I might add!

Once the Chandelier was up, I really started to celebrate. And then, the waiting game started. How long do you think it took to install roughly 800 glass drops? A long long time! After the first tier was complete, we went to grab lunch and returned to the waiting game. 

Of course it was all worth it in the end...

Really worth it...

Finally, it was time to celebrate! How beautiful and amazing is this chandelier? I am in love. It is so wonderful and really a piece of art. The scale in proportion to the size of the room couldn't have been more perfect. 

You have no idea how much stress and time went into figuring out a solution to hang this piece in the center of the room that was on a beam that wasn't center in the room. I'm so proud of my team. They really are amazingly talented.

I hope everyone enjoys the chandelier as much as I do! 

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  1. I've only been following your blog for a short while, so I'm not sure if this is your apartment or someone's apartment that you're decorating. But either way, I'm in love with this space and that chandelier!!

    I enjoy reading your blog. It's good for a Southern girl to have a place where she can live the city life and dine at amazing restaurants vicariously through you!