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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sweden: Skanör Part II

Thursday morning I woke up with the worse allergies of my life. Of course something had to go wrong with how amazing this trip was going so far. Luckily for me, there were a lot of kids invited to the wedding which meant a lot of very prepared Moms. Needless to say, my allergies were under control shortly.

We spent the morning running around helping Jennifer finish last minute details for the big day. We folded napkins, tied ribbons, went on a hunt for bottles and even had time to stop and for a delicious lunch.  

After everything was under control, we headed to the beautiful Church, Saint Olof, for the wedding rehearsal. Even though I was part of the wedding party, I was able to capture some special moments from the rehearsal including the beautiful interior of Saint Olof. 

Once rehearsal was over, we headed outside where we were excited to see a little Skanör history. Each year a special boy and girl are chosen to care for the geese. 

Directly across the street from the Saint Olof's is the Skanör Town Hall, where the champagne toast took place immediately after the wedding. 

We headed to the Groom's parents house for the rehearsal dinner once the rehearsal was over. On the way, I snapped some cute shots of the Bride and Groom.

Of course the last one is Mathias' favorite!
I had my camera with me the entire night and captured some special moments of the Bride and Groom enjoying this night with their friends and families.

The puppy Simba.

The adorable and beautiful Zoe. 

The Grooms Oldest brother with his daughters. 

The Grooms older, middle, brother with his family. 

I stayed later into the night than most. I spent the evening chatting and getting to know Mathias' friends and family. It was such a wonderful time. 

That evening, it was a full moon. The moon was so bright and the sky was so beautiful, around 1:30am, I had to walk down to the church to get a shot of the church at night. 

It was an amazing day and I was not tired at all. I still had such a high from all of the excitement of the past few days. Knowing what a big day lay ahead, I tried hard to get some beauty sleep. 

Until next time... The Wedding Day and the beautiful story of Jennifer and Mathias!

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  1. That church is so pretty! I especially like the ship hanging from the ceiling.

    I have to agree with Mathias regarding that last picture. It's a cute one! Love the look on Jennifer's face. haha