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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gramercy Apartment: Before

Between the dueling apartment installations at work and my busy summer schedule, which I've managed to pack in enough in for a whole year, before it sadly ends, I feel like I'm running in circles. Nothing in life is easy, especially when you're moving 100 miles per hour. Life challenges you each day and hopefully, crossing fingers, it will pay off in the end. 

On top of my crazy work schedule, I've decided to help a friend, Mel, furnish her new apartment. Fortunately for me, this is fun work! I spent a good chunk of my rainy Sunday after yoga and brunch (of course), furniture shopping online, taking site measurements, photographing the apartment, drawing furniture plans and elevations and making a list of the pieces we wanted to see in person. 

Apartment Before

We headed out into the city, rain boots included, to West Elm and CB2 to check out some pieces we were interested in. We ended day one with much success. To check off our list: Rug, Curtains, Curtains Rod, Coffee Table, Side Table, chandelier, and Artwork to boot!

A sneak peak: 
Y-Base Coffee Table, White Marble

Left on our list:  A custom shelf to help camouflage the unfortunate radiator that sticks out into the room (thanks to a carpenter I work with), some stools, two more side tables, a television cabinet and possibly an ottoman. 

We spent the evening hanging curtains, ordering delivery and watching trashy TV. My kind of Sunday! 

It was fun working with Mel. The pieces she chose reflect her inner girlishness with a contemporary feel. She had an idea of what she wanted. You could tell she did her research, which is always nice.  She was set on a black chandelier, which we focused on as the starting point in the design of the room. It was easy to work from there. Hopefully it will be her dream grown up apartment. After photos to come!


  1. :( I can't get the 'before' pics to show no matter how many times I refresh the page.

  2. Our homes and apartments are really going through drastic changes.