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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Necklace Nuisance

Over the past year, my quaint little necklace collection has grown into quite the exhibit. That is for me anyway. I've never been big into jewelry. This in no way means I'm not expecting to receive all of my Mothers fabulous jewelry, including that amazing engagement ring! You better believe my name will be in BOLD on her will.  


When I say quite the exhibit, I'm talking roughly 15 necklaces. The problem is, I simply don't know what to do with them. Of course I keep each and every little decorative bag they come in, store them in my snazzy West Elm jewelry box, and then, like any normal person who doesn't wear a lot of jewelry, completely forget I own them. It is exciting however, when I'm rummaging through the jewelry box, and find one I haven't worn in a while. I'ts like it's new all over again! 

Tiffany's                            Tiffany's

 Maya Brenner                         Hunter NY 

I've started getting a little sloppy with my jewelry. Sloppy with handling and caring for the pieces and sloppy displaying them within my apartment. As much as I love my little hammered chrome plate on my desk in which I store my "daily" pieces, it's started to spiral out of control. It probably isn't the best way to store your favorite jewelry either, metal on metal. (See photo below, bottom left). Please note my creative ring display on my Urban Outfitters glass hand. 

Because I don't wear a lot of jewelry, the pieces I have are nice pieces that aren't exactly cheap. It is time I start taking better care of them. 


Here lies my dilemma, how do I do this?

The past couple of days, I have been researching and Googling necklace holders with unfortunate and sad results. Nothing seems to fit my "taste." I took the plunge and ventured on to Etsy for the first time. I found one shop, is that what it's called? Craftsman? Seller? Is there a fancier name I don't know about?, which had some pieces I really liked. 

Here is the piece by Alba Urbina (sparkafarian) which I really love. 

MOXIE METAL Necklace Holder 231 - 14x20.5 in.

MOXIE METAL Necklace Holder 227-14x20.5 in.

MOXIE METAL Necklace Holder 231 - 14x20.5 in.

Unfortunately, I was really hoping to spend less that $70 on a necklace holder. So, my search continues. I'm looking for something innovative, classy, and simple. If anyone has any ideas, please please please share! 

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