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Monday, August 1, 2011

Sweden: Skanör Part IIII

The biggest party in Skanör was underway while Nicole, Laurie and I frantically reassembled the bridal suite in which we destroyed getting ready. I'll take most the blame. I removed half of the furniture to get a perfect shot of the Vera Wang! Thankfully, I had two lovely ladies helping me out so it didn't take up too much of our precious time. I only whacked my head on the pitched ceiling once during the whirl wind of mania. We finished just in time, the rain had stopped. Our hair was safe. Unlike my poor skull.

 We made it to Gästgifvaregård, Gästis for short, just in time for the first of the fifteen speeches to start. That was not a joke. I learned that the longest part of a Swedish wedding is the toasts. Not only were there fifteen toasts, these people seemed to really enjoy toasting because they lasted longer than my attention span could hold. Yet, my attention span is that of a puppy surrounded by lavishly delicious sweet treats. 

Thankfully they served food during the toasts to help with said attention span. It seemed to do the job. The party had started!

Gästis looked beautiful filled with all of Jennifer and Mathias' friends and family. Everyone was so happy to be there. Here are some of the photos from the reception. Enjoy!

Around 3:30am, we were kicked out. Yes, they literally told us we had to leave. No one wanted to. We were having a blast and could continue dancing all night. After an early morning stroll down the streets of Skanör, we headed back to our warm cozy beds. After all, we needed to be ready for our next adventure, Copenhagen! But, not until I show you my favorite photos of Skanör!

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  1. Fifteen speeches? Holy cow. I think the most I've ever heard at a wedding is three. I hope at least some of them were entertaining for you. lol

    Favorite photo this time is the second from the bottom. It's a cool pose. :)