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Monday, September 12, 2011

The Fat Radish

Oh, the busy weekends are back. This one was especially fun with Oliver back in NYC. I've been very good with including him in my daily activities. See, he's such a happy boy...

This weekend was not only Oliver's first weekend back in the city but, our friend Whitney who used to live here, was also visiting. Oliver and I spent the morning walking around. This included an hour hanging out in the brand new small dog run in Washington Square Park. By hanging out, I really mean me running around trying to get Oliver to follow me while he hid under the benches. Classic Oliver.

Emma and I headed to the LES to meet Kristen and Whitney for a late lunch at The Fat Radish. Mike took Kristen here for her birthday earlier this year and I had heard such great things, I'd been wanting to check it out for sometime. 

The atmosphere is fresh and happy. From the moment we walked in, we couldn't stop saying how cute the place was and that we really loved it. It was busy for 3pm. I was surprised. Kristen even ran into some friends. I found this funny. Out of all the restaurants in NYC, we happened to be in the same one at the same time. I love when this happens. Great NY moment. 

Even though it was later in the day, we still made the brunch menu. This was seriously the hardest menu for me to order from. I could have easily had any one of the items. Everything sounded fantastic. Unfortunately, for my well being and my bank account, I could only order one item. Fortunately, I was with good friends who love food just as much. This allowed for tastings.  

 I think everyone decided what they were going to order last minute. I wasn't the only one having a hard time deciding. I decided to order last. I wanted to make sure I didn't order duplicates. I'm glad I waited because my two other options were taken by the time the server got to me. So, I went with the Corn and Blueberry Pancakes with Burbon Syrup. I had a little bit of a sweet tooth going on. It must have been our quick stop at The Sweet Life on the way to brunch. 

Honestly, the pancakes didn't seem cooked enough. They were a little doughy and dry. How can they be dry without being cooked enough? I do not know. But that is the best description I can think of. What did I do to make they taste better? What would any normal maple syrup heiress do? Ask for more maple syrup! Maple syrup always makes everything taste better. 

Kristen went the healthy route and chose the Old Chatham Sheep Milk Yogurt with Summer Berries and Granola.

My first pick was what Miss. Frame ordered, Eggs Purgatory with Tomato Sauce, Pecorino Cheese and Sourdough. It was delicious. 

Whitney ordered what would have been my second option, the Avocado and 7 Grain Toast with Spicy Eggs. This was also wonderful. 

This will definitely be added to the short list, Brunch, for when my parents come over Thanksgiving. Plus, it's close walking distance from my apartment and their hotel!
I know I say I will be back, but with all of the amazing restaurants in NYC, it's hard for me to visit a second time. I want to try as many as possible. You know? This time, I really mean it. 

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