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Monday, September 26, 2011

Glorious Getaway

My weekend hangovers are starting again. This was my first weekend away from the city since Labor Day Weekend. Not that that was really long ago, but for all the traveling I've been doing, staying in New York City two weekends in a row, was a long time. Oliver and I were invited for a glorious getaway to the Hamptons with my coworker Jen. 

The weather was supposed to be dreary, dark and cold. We planned on having a lazy weekend with lots of wine, some chill tunes, cozy clothes and comfort food. Beginning with Friday night, after a delicious dinner at Bobby Van's Steakhouse, it was on and It looked something like this...

We decided sleeping in would be a wonderful idea. Sleeping in is very rare these days with Oliver back. I decided to take advantage of the backyard and sleeping in this weekend. We both woke up around 10:30am. We were both impressed.

I also decided to indulge in the luxuries by taking a long hot shower here...

Jen and I have very similar taste when it comes to well, pretty much everything. Especially design. This bathroom is something I would have done for my own home. Why not make a large space into an amazing luxurious spacious Guest Bathroom. I guarantee your guests will want to come back. 

Later that day, after a lovely breakfast at Estia's Little Kitchen, (Check out the gallery page on their website. Warning: You're going to get hungry!) we headed home to get the pup to go to the beach. We ran laps up and down the waters edge until the little guy was zonked out. 

We decided to head into Montauk to do a little shopping at our favorite local store, Share With Montauk. My perfume, which I purchased here last year, was almost gone and I needed a new bottle. I came away a happy camper. 

Oliver wasn't the only one exhausted from our days activities, Jen and I were ready for naps ourselves. Instead, we sat outside under the vines, drank some red wine, listened to the new MWK EP, which is amazing by the way. Of course I had to tell her about each song. Girl gossip. It's a must. I can't wait for everyone to hear it! 

We took a little late night dip. Then cleaned up and headed to the cutest little Italian Market where we picked up a large portion of Spaghetti Bolognese to share and headed back home to watch Bridesmaids Uncensored. I couldn't have planned a better evening.

Jen told me she feels I am more centered these days. With that said, I figured my yoga skills were paying off and I shouldn't pass up the opportunity to "center" myself even more while surrounded by this beautiful landscape. Of course, it must have nothing to do with the new interests in my life. It must be the yoga ;)

After an ass kicking Exhale class in Bridgehampton, we spent the rest of the afternoon at the beach, again. It was a beautiful sunny day. Apparently sunny enough to give Jen a sunburn! We went for a long hour and a half walk along the water catching up with our friend Laurie. We both hadn't seen her since Jen's wedding in Sweden.

The little dude was spent. Can you imagine walking an hour and a half in the sand with those stubby little legs? 

Earlier that day, Jen and I found ourselves inside an adorable little vintage shop we had no clue existed. Unfortunately, now we do. The whole back section of the store was filled with vintage jewelry. We spent almost an hour trying on amazing pieces we needed. I did make one purchase, a gold snake ring. Earlier this year, someone stole my silver snake ring Jen had gifted me. I was so devastated I actually teared. Jen came to the rescue again, she found me a new snake ring. I decided to go with gold this time. Laurie bought the silver one. 

After we packed our bags and cleaned up, we headed back into Bridgehampton to enjoy a delicious dinner outside at Pierre's. After two baskets of bread, and chocolate covered crepes topped with the best vanilla ice cream I've ever had, we boarded the Hampton Jitney back to NYC. All three of us slept the entire way. 


  1. Sounds like you guys had a blast! love the pics!!

  2. You got some great shots of Oliver, there! I especially like the first one of you and him on the beach. The angle makes it look like he has long black hair. :P

    I want to hear the new MWK EP! Lucky you!