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Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Friday

I can't believe it is already Friday! And no, I'm not complaining! It's been a good week for the two of us. Last night not only did I get to have dinner at my all time favorite NYC restaurant, Bianca, I got to dine with two of my all time favorite people, Jen and Jeff. 

Jen and Jeff are my old neighbors that moved back to Canada about a year ago. I miss these two very much. It was great to see them and catch up.

After dinner and before our evening walk, we had a little FaceTime with these two goofballs! We miss them too!

Apparently it was a rough night for this little guy. He did not want to get out of his brand spankin' new bed that my parents sent him earlier this week. He loves it so much, he doesn't care to sleep on the bed at all anymore. 

Today after work, Oliver and I have been invited out to Sag Harbor for the weekend with Jen. Our other friend Laurie and her puppy are meeting us out there. I'm excited for our girls relaxing weekend! I can't wait to see the little guy run around on the beach! 

I hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend!
Happy Friday Friends!

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