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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Necklace Nuisance: Solution #1

Well, it's not the perfect solution, and it's not really my style, but it's kinda cool and kinda cheap. 

I found it at the Anthropologie in Tulsa while I was there this past weekend. I figured I'd wait and buy it in NYC so I didn't have to lug it all the way back home. I haven't purchased it yet. I'm still waiting for that PERFECT one.

Of course, I didn't find just one thing I needed wanted at Anthropologie. I think I have to have one of these too...

And I absolutely need both of these...

      Twany Shingle Tote                           Steam-Powered Satchel

Do I have a birthday, half-birthday soon?  Or is there a holiday coming up? Because, if there isn't, there needs to be...

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