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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Brilliant Barn II

I've impressed myself. The busier I become, I still manage to keep on top of my most important reads. I didn't think I would ever find another brilliant barn I loved as much as the first. But yet again, I proved myself wrong. Can you believe this amazing home used to be a barn? 

This beautiful structure was uplifted from its roots in Canada and moved to Connecticut where Russell Groves, one of the architects, helped convert this barn into the masterpiece it is today. Just like all renovations and updates, the electrical and mechanical systems were update but structurally, the barn stayed the same. 

One of the main centerpieces of the barn is it's original staircase which is centrally located within the Living area along with the barn's second centerpiece, the fireplace. This steel piece, which is newly manufactured, was made to look rustic and old, like the original bones of the barn. 

Overall, this barn turned home, is a spectacular example of how you can put an interesting twist on architecture. The direction design is moving towards these days in so unbelievably innovative. It makes the creative wheels turn in my brain. Thinking outside of the normal box is something I completely agree with. If only I was able to do it more often, maybe I'd have my own masterpiece. One day. Until then, I will keep daydreaming and lusting over these beautiful creations. 


  1. I like the chairs in the fifth photo. I could just sit down and fall asleep in one of them.