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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Brooklyn Vintage Fall Crawl 2011

On Sunday, I had a delicious brunch at Teddy's in Williamsburg with my friend Adam. 
When Adam asked if I'd like to grab brunch, I immediately asked if he had any idea where to go? I don't know Williamsburg well at all. He quickly responded Teddy's! The fact that there was no hesitation made me excited. It's obvious I love new places, and this 120 year old bar that serves brunch, gave me the motivation to get out of bed after an epic evening celebrating my friend Dave's birthday at One Last Shag. 
Flashbacks from Saturday night...

This brunch was one of those times when you sit down, open the menu, and feel like you could eat everything and anything. I couldn't decide what I wanted after I spotted the Pumpkin Pancakes, Breakfast Burrito, Eggs Yucatan, Chorizo Omelet, French Toast Sandwich... you get the picture right?

I turned to Adam and said you know what I like, please order for me. He wouldn't even give me a hint before the server came. He knew I'd argue with his decision making and decided to be smart and keep it to himself. Thankfully, I got what I really wanted in the end. We split the Chorizo Omelet and the Pumpkin Pancakes. 

We were so hungry, I didn't even get a chance to snap a shot of these fluffy slices of pumpkin heaven. My only critique, the syrup wasn't real maple syrup! Hey, I'm a maple syrup snob! I'ts in my blood! Brunch was amazing and according to Adam, the Bloody Mary's are the best in the city! Not only do you get horseradish sauce, you get a carrot stick, celery stick and three different types of olives! Dad, it looks like I know where to take you for your Bloody Mary fix!

After brunch, we walked around Williamsburg, stopped by a record shop, and waited for my girls to get their butts in gear and join us for the Brooklyn Vintage Crawl! Sara had sent out an invite for the fall crawl, not expecting anyone to be interested. It turns out we all were and ended up having a fun filled day. 

We spent the first half of the early afternoon following the map around to the local shops that were participating in the Fall Crawl. It turns out shopping makes you thirsty and we ended up at Radegast hall & Biergarten to quench this thirst.
Our Sunday in Williamsburg was more fun than we could have imagined! Here is a little about the Fall Crawl and the shops and bars that participated! 

The October 16th Fall Crawl
Brooklyn Vintage Crawl is hosting its inaugural Fall Crawl on Sunday, October 16th from 12-6pm. This premier event will feature a designated bargain hunt through the best vintage shops in Williamsburg and Greenpoint. Participating shops are featuring special pieces from their collections, as well as promotional discounts on various items. Local bars along the path are also teaming with the group to offer drink specials or appropriately themed “Vintage Cocktails”.

A self-led map of the crawl route is available for smartphone download from the new (free) Williamsburg app, Domino, at - “Your mobile smart guide for exploring Williamsburg”. Crawlers will receive discounts & promotions throughout the neighborhoods and tweet about their finds in real-time.

Brooklyn Vintage Crawl is an event geared to help support local business. Kathryn Irby, a former fashion editor at Lucky Magazine and vintage consultant teamed up with writer and show promoter, Emily Lichtenberg, to explore the idea of a new kind of crawl. Irby claims, “Williamsburg has become a vintage-hub for the city. From design teams to tourists, everyone knows to venture into the neighborhood yet are unfamiliar with the great stores off the beaten path of Bedford Ave.”

Sunday’s crawl will culminate in an after-party at Union Pool in Williamsburg starting at 6pm.

   Stores: Malin Landaeus | Neil Mello | Seven Wonders Vintage | Fox & Fawn | Horizons | Antoinette | Loren - A Denim Boutique | Mystery Train | Le Grand Strip | About Glamour | Golden Calf | Brooklyn Reclamation | Sanford and Sven | Flips Brooklyn | Sunday Love

Bars: Union Pool | Manhattan Inn | Commodore | Soft Spot | Huckleberry Bar | Blackbird Parlour | High Horse Saloon | The Gibson 

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  1. I'm coming into town next year for this!! Sounds like a blast!!