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Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy Friday

Today I was lucky enough to mosey through the park on my way home from a meeting. The rain had stopped and the sun was finally starting to show through the clouds. It looks like this gloomy Friday is turning out to be a nice one!

I hope the current weather is a little taste of what's to come this weekend. Tomorrow, for the first time, I'm spending the early afternoon exploring the Cloisters. I can't believe I've never been. It's about time!

Following this relaxing day will be an epic three way birthday party in Brooklyn! Don't think because it's Sunday that will slow me down either! My girlfriends and I are attending the first Fall Crawl: First Official Vintage Crawl, a self guided shop and bar hop through Williamsburg and Greenpoint!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! Let's keep our fingers crossed for gorgeous weather! Happy Friday Friends!

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