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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

NYC's Little Secrets

I'm alive! After almost a week in bed, I'm finally feeling slightly better. The cough still hangs around in the morning and evening, but during the most important time of the day, work time, it seems to vanish, allowing me to blog work. 

On Sunday, I joined friends for lovely birthday brunch at Hundred Acres. Brunch was so delicious, Hundred Acres is now one of my top six favorite NYC brunch spots. What did it for me? Maybe the goat cheese-thyme bread pudding with two poached
eggs, warm spinach salad topped with lemon butter. 

Or was it the warm cream biscuits, banana walnut bread, glazed buttermilk cake doughnuts with seasonal jam, apple butter

and chocolate sauce?  


It is probably a combination of both.

Thus adding Hundred Acres to my "Favorite NYC Brunch Spots."

Hundred Acres

Hundred Acres is also owned by the same people as Cookshop and Five Points. It only makes sense, as these two are also some of my favorite restaurants in New York City.

After brunch, since the weather was more than perfect, actually, almost a little too hot, we picked up Oliver and headed out to explore our amazing city. We took turns sharing our little secrets we've learned throughout our years in NYC; Like the old church that is now a home, the secret door that leads to a hidden bar, and we even found new little secrets like this beautiful garden in the West Village on Barrow Street.

It turns out this adorable little garden is the entrance to an apartment building but is also the back view of a fancy little restaurant, One if by Land. It had a very European feel. It reminded me of Italy. 

I love these hidden little secrets about my City. It makes me want to get out and explore more! Does anyone care to share their favorite little NYC secrets?

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