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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Weekend Wonderland

My weekend started out great with a doctors appointment that came along with a fabulous diagnosis of a sinus infection and clogged eustachian tubes. After some antibiotics and a four hour nap, I was feeling so much better I decided I needed to meet Sara at my neighborhood spot to celebrate being able to hear for the first time since July. That celebration led to my favorite bar, Von, and lasted later into the morning than it should have. Particularly because, I was going cycling for the first time since I've been back from my summer travels. 

Luckily, we decided a later start was in our best interests, as we do not get to sleep in during the week, and we wanted to spoil ourselves. The weather was a little chilly but the sun was out making for a gorgeous day. We took a little pit stop at the George Washington Bridge light house to take in the views of Manhattan. 

After our ride, we went to brunch at Rubirosa, our favorite pizza joint. We used to go to Rubirosa after spin on Thursdays. That was until everyone's schedules spun out of control. I didn't even know they had brunch. But, am I glad I found out or what! Everything was spectacular and delicious. 

I had the Eggs Rubirosa, which is your typical Eggs Benedict however, the ham was substituted with meatballs! One of my favorite brunch dishes is eggs benedict so, Italian eggs benedict? Why not! 

MJ got the Bacon and Eggs Pizza which was much larger than we all expected. No problem for MJ! He ate the whole thing! 

Emma stayed healthy with the salad. It is a delicious salad though. 

After deep cleaning my apartment, Sara came over for dinner. We made yummy grilled chicken tacos and homemade guacamole, which might or might not have been finished at 3am. After dinner we went to see Givers at Brooklyn Bowl. Susie's husband works there and was a saint! He gave us free drink tickets which ended up lasting us the whole evening. The Givers, who are a young up and coming band from Louisiana, were fantastic. The entire crowd was completely mesmerized by their music. 

Brooklyn Bowl

On Sunday I was supposed to go to yoga. Instead, I woke up early and tried to hit the stores on Broadway before the tourists took over. I was successful! I conquered Ricky's and came out with costume in hand! Only to make another trip later in the day to help Sara pick out her costume. Oh well, at least it wasn't stressful for moi. 

Before we tackled Sara's costume, we went to lunch at the brand spankin new Grey Dog which opened on my street (jumping for joy) last Saturday! I couldn't be more excited. Grey Dog is one of my favorite spots and now it's a steps away from my pad. This could be bad!

Check out the new Grey Dog...

That afternoon, Oliver and I headed to Brooklyn Heights to bake an apple crisp with Auntie Em. We were invited over to our friend Dave's apartment for fish tacos and margaritas and thought it would be nice to bring some dessert! Actually, Emma thought, but I was more than agreeable. I even peeled and sliced the apples! 

Taco night was a blast. It involved some strong margaritas, delicious tacos, roof top mingling, pumpkin carving and apple crisp eating. The best news of all, Oliver finally likes Dave. It's been almost a year now, and he finally gave in. I have proof...


Looks like the little bugger got more love than all of us! Spoiled pooch! 

And now it's Wednesday. I'm recovering from a late night bike ride last night. We went to cheer on Dave and Chris at the Alley Cat race. Five loops! I was tired just watching! Man those guys are strong! I'll leave you with a shot from my ride back to Manhattan over the Brooklyn Bridge. What an amazing city New York is!

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