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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Jennie & Andy

Once upon a time, there was a sorority girl who was having the time of her life. 
She had lots of friends, a great family and a wonderful boyfriend. Everything 
was perfect except for one thing, her boyfriend wouldn't go to any of the 
sorority date parties with her. She decided this had to change. She devised a 
sneaky plan to get her boyfriend to a date party. 

You see, her boyfriends best friend was her brother, and she knew, if she got 
her brother a date to this sorority party that he would come as well. This 
didn't seem too hard. Especially since there was this cute little blonde freshman, 
on the pom squad, that kept visiting her room and making conversation.  

Casually one day, they started talking about her brother. The sorority girl 
explained to the little blonde that her brother was a musician. The little blonde 
ate this up and started asking more questions. Knowing this could possibly 
be the only way to get her boyfriend to the date party, she talked her 
brother up as much as she could. She even pointed out the photos of him on 
her bulletin board, which later she learned the little blonde had already been 
eyeing for days. 

The sorority girl and little blonde both agreed she needed to me the brother. 
It just so happened a couple weeks later, the brothers band was playing. 
They made it a date to go see the band together. This way, the little blonde 
and brother could meet before the date party. Everything was going perfectly. 

The concert was a blast, as always, and the little blonde fell head over heels 
for the brother immediately. Once she knew this was a match, she convinced 
her brother to come to this date party with the little blonde. He agreed once 
he knew his best friend would also be going as well. The theme of the date 
party just so happened to be "Party Like a Rockstar." How appropriate!

The date party was a success and as it turns out, they're living 
happily ever after...

Thanks to the sorority girl and her sneaky ways!

I'm beyond excited for my brother and Jennie! Not only is Jennie one of my 
best friends, but she will now be my sister. I'm one lucky gal! 

It's about damn time!



  2. Such a beautiful story! You really are a modern-day Cupid. Wishing Andy and Jennie a lifetime of love and happiness :)

  3. Words cannot describe how happy I am about this. Literally. I've given up after 10 minutes of trying to articulate my thoughts.

    By the way, I once asked Andy how he met Jennie, and he wouldn't tell me! So thank you for telling the story. :). It's awesome.

  4. Such a lovely couple!! I wondered when the day would come I'd hear this news...very happy for them!

  5. Aww such a cute couple! Congratulations, Andy and Jennie.

  6. So happy for both of them. *teary eyed*

  7. I love the last photo. It's the icing on the cake. :) I'm sooooo happy for them!!!! I was teary-eyed while reading this! <3