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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

MWK: Luna Espera EP

I have bragging rights here, for many reasons. More than you probably care to know. To get to the point and my bragging, today my brother, and his amazing and talented band full of my friends, released their highly demanded Luna Espera EP

I've been fortunate to listen to the EP for months now, bragging right #1, and have been dying to share it's musical genius-ness with the world.

As of noon, NYC time, their EP is number 13 on the iTunes Top Rock Albums Chart!!

 And number 72 on the iTunes Top Albums Chart!!

I couldn't be more proud of these boys. I've been there from the beginning (bragging right #2). I've seen all the hard work, determination, talent and love poured into these songs. I hope everyone enjoys them as much as I do (bragging right #3). Actually, that isn't possible. But, I'd like to see you try!

Please check out and purchase MWK's Luna Espera EP
I even bought it again! 
 Oh yeah, don't forget to wish Andy happy birthday tomorrow! I'm even lucky enough to get to celebrate with him (bragging right #4)!


  1. YAY Andy & MWK!!! That's awesome!!

  2. Love love LOVE this EP. But I knew I would, because everything MWK puts out is awesome. Great to see it doing so well on iTunes :)