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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Shanghai Mermaid

Recovery from Friday night included brunch, hot chocolate, oreo cheesecake, bed, friends, puppy, re-runs and lots of naps. Doesn't sound too bad now that I look back on it. It literally took a phone call to get us up, moving and motivated to get all dolled up and do it all over again. However, this time, rain boots, umbrellas and heavy winter gear was involved. 

We were not even motivated until the alcohol started flowing. The only reason we managed to get to Brooklyn was the one and only lonely taxi cruising down Mulberry Street that just so happened to be passing as we left my apartment. They do say timing is everything. 

So we made it to Brooklyn, a little damp but all in all we arrived safely. 

The sexy rain boots!

It's a good thing we got our butts in gear, or else we would have missed this glamorous Halloween soiree! 

I'd like to welcome you to Shanghai Mermaid's 2011 Halloween Ball!

They ran out of glasses. So, we made it work...

Happy Halloween 2011!

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