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Monday, November 14, 2011

Tattoo Tales & Toons

Yet again, another amazing weekend, another awesome weekend hangover.
On Friday, after talking about it all day, we decided to head out to the tattoo shop in Greenpoint to check out pricing for our long awaited tattoos. In a sense, we were proving to ourselves we're not all talk! Plus, it was 11.11.11, we had to do something crazy!

After three trains and twenty three long blocks in heels, I had to mention the heels, I arrived with a red nose and frozen fingers to Greenpoint Tattoo Company. Thanks to our friend Emily for the recommendation! The shading on her tattoo is amazing! Now, It was time for some action of our own! 

Emma, whose special tattoo is her own handwriting of her childhood nickname, was up first! 

Two more minutes later...Toons has her first tattoo! 

My turn... This was my second tattoo. My first tattoo, which never makes an appearance, is a remembrance tattoo of my amazing two summers in Hawaii with my best friend, Shannon. I held on to the image for a couple of years until I was brave enough to face the needle. With one hand strongly held by Neal, I laughed the entire ten minutes it took to brand me for life. The pain I knew was coming, the tickling, not so much! Still to this day, when I see that tattoo, I remember my most amazing summers. 

As special as my first tattoo is to me, this one doesn't even compare. 
For the people who don't know me well, last year my beloved dog Sadie died. She was taken too quickly from this world; Just shy of her twelfth birthday. My Mother had to break the news of her illness while she was visiting for Mother's Day weekend.  That was fun. Two weeks later, Sadie couldn't hold off any longer, she told us it was time and my parents brought her in to be put to sleep. 

I was flying home the next day and my parents gave me the option of waiting to put her down when I got there so I could say goodbye for the last time. That was the hardest decision I ended up not having to make. The next morning, when I called my Mom on the way to work, they were at the vet. That was the worst trip to Tulsa I've ever had to make. Coming home to a house without Sadie was the second most painful thing I've gone through in my life. To this day, I still feel like she's living in Tulsa with my parents until I get home and she's not there. 

Sadie was a present to me from my parents. We were at a horse show in Glenpool and there was this little round pen filled with these adorable half Carin Terrier half Miniature Schnauzer puppies.  After hours of begging, my parents told me to forget about it. I pitched a little fit, I'm sure, and went to tack up my pony. When I was finished and exiting the ring, my parents walked up to me, Dad's arms behind his back, gave me a congratulations for my ride, and pulled out this adorable little puppy!  I believe I screamed for joy! I immediately named her Sadila Wolfie Skib, Sadie for short.

 Sadie was the smallest, cutest most adorable human like dog to ever cross my path. This dog would look at you like she knew what you were talking about. She was the princess of every household she entered. She hated to be cuddled, always had to sit on a higher pillow, was the boss of everyone, just ask Mr. Sixx, and she thought my boyfriend was her boyfriend, he will even admit it. I had to have him call her name to come to me when I wanted her to come. She just loved him. 

The day Sadie died, my parents went together to bring her to the vet. My Dad said, even though she was in as much pain as she was, she was so brave the entire time. He called me after to tell me "Sadie was the bravest dog I knew." Even though I have Oliver, and I couldn't love that little munchkin anymore than I do, Sadie was my first dog and will be in my heart forever. There was something about her that can never be replaced. 

Since she died, I've been wanting to get a tattoo in her remembrance. I just couldn't figure out what. I was having a creative block in my brain. So, I went to the one person I knew would understand exactly what I was looking for in aesthetics and meaning. Did he come through or what. I couldn't have picked it better myself. Although, he did warn me about symbols, their changing meanings and slight differences in appearance. It is more personal than anything, so I didn't care.

Gyawu Atiko is the Adinkra symbol for bravery, fearlessness and valor.

He also pointed out, when rotated 45 degrees, it makes an "S."

There couldn't have been a more perfect tattoo in meaning and aesthetics if it was made for me. I fell in love with it instantly. I owe him a big thank you. 

For two days, I walked around with the tattoo drawn all over my limbs in sharpie, making sure I had it in the perfect spot. Once I was confident in my decision, I said let's go get'er done! 

Now, back to where we left off. It was my turn...
I'll admit I was a little nervous. Nervous enough for my hands to start sweating and my arm to turn bright red. In fact, it didn't hurt much, but it did burn. 

After five minutes of gripping Emma's hand, I was yet again branded for life. 

All day, I was drawing and redrawing the design to add my own little personal spin on it. I wanted it more delicate, organic and sexy. The end result is better than I could have imagined. I love it. 

RIP Sadie

Emma and I had such a high after we needed to celebrate. We hit up a local restaurant called Manhattan Inn, ordered some drinks and two shots of tequila and toasted to our latest endeavor! 

We also splurged on dinner. Emma had one of the cheesiest gourmet grilled cheese I'd ever laid eyes on. My burger was pretty spectacular as well! We also had some lovely music during our celebration! 

We headed back into Manhattan, met up with our friend Dave, had some Pinkberry and danced the night away! We also attempted to show off our new tattoos...

11.11.11 was an amazing day! Thanks to my friends who were there to share and celebrate this special moment with me! Love you guys!


  1. Very cooly done girls! Love the tats!!!

  2. Aw, I teared up a bit reading about Sadie. It sounds like she was a sweet, sweet dog. :) Great idea for a tattoo, btw. I like when tattoos have a meaning that isn't obvious just by looking at them.

  3. She was the cutest dog I've ever met. :(

    Love the tattoo!