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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving in NYC

It's that time again. What time is that? Well, time for one of my infamous 
itineraries! My parents are making their yearly debut in this wonderful city. 
I couldn't be more excited to spend quality time with them. Sadly, the brother 
won't be in attendance. He is doing something along the lines of touring 
with a band? Who knows what he is really up to, wink, wink. 

The last time my family spent Thanksgiving in NYC was 2006. Wow, that 
was a long time ago!

So, here we go again...

The parental units land on Thanksgiving day. This means, I get to use the 
half day I have off tomorrow, to scrub my apartment until the remnants, 
in the lack and laziness of upkeep to my apartment, is washed away. 
Technically,  laziness is the exact opposite of what I've been lately. 
However, in regards to my  apartment, that's exactly how I would 
describe it. The dog should probably get a bath as well. He's starting 
to emerge from his cave with dust balls attached to his spastic coat. 

For Thanksgiving lunch dinner (who knows why people call it dinner when 
most everyone I know eat closer to lunch, but that's besides the point) 
I'm taking my parents, well, they're actually taking me, to Red Rooster in 
Harlem. The first time I heard about Red Rooster, I was casually working 
away while our British draftsman was obnoxiously yapping on the phone, 
for half an hour, about this fantastic restaurant in Harlem called Red Rooster.  

I figured if anyone could have a conversation about a restaurant for over 
thirty minutes, it must be pretty damn fantastic. So, I did my research, 
read some reviews, and asked some peeps. Low and behold, everyone 
I talked to had heard about it. The Brit was right! Who would have 
thought?! I immediately put a reminder in my calender to make a reso 
one month in advance. 

For a week, I spent quality time putting together the rest of the itinerary for 
their trip. As soon as I thought I had a perfect trip planned for them, my 
parents threw me off.  Some of our oldest family friends just so happened 
to be making an unexpected trip to NYC. Of course we had to fit them into 
our schedule! Once again, I went back to the drawing board to assess the
 situation and make sure the places I choose were conversation friendly, 
knowing my parents and all.

For the second time, a perfect itinerary. That was until my parents came up 
with another one of their fantastic ideas. This one, I have to agree was a 
good one. I've accumulated a lot of new friends within the past couple 
of years here in NYC. Friends who I love enough to tell my parents about. 
This time, the idea was to take all of these new friends out to dinner. 
Who wouldn't love this idea? 

For the third time, after minor adjustments, the final itinerary was 
complete, with everyone and every place confirmed. If something 
goes wrong, I'm over it, I could give a shit. We are in NYC, nothing we
 could possibly do would suck. I'm very much looking forward to spending 
time with my amazing parents and friends in this amazing city I call home. 

New York City Thanksgiving 2011 Itinerary

Lunch/Dinner: Red Rooster
Night: Live Music

Breakfast: Murray's Bagel
Day: Shopping and Shopping
Dinner: Rubirosa
Night: Bars

Day: Walk around Vinegar Hill, Dumbo, Brooklyn Heights, Carroll Gardens, Red Hook
Dinner: Apizz
Dessert: Spina (Because they have the best Tiramisu and it's my Mom's favorite!)

Brunch: Shopsins
Theater: Book of Mormon
Dinner: Fatty Cue
Night: Out in Williamsburg

I guarantee this itinerary will change multiple times. I'm prepared so it's ok. 
I just can't wait to spend time with Mom and Dad! 

P.S. Could someone please remind me to check for Oliver on the day they leave. 
I have this sneaking suspicion they might try to snag him!


  1. You guys are gonna have a blast!! i'm jealous of all the great eating you will be doing!! give them a hug for me!! and yes, you better hide Oli!!

  2. Have a great Thanksgiving! I love your blogs!