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Friday, December 9, 2011

Brotherly Love (X2)

Last night, I got the honor of hosting my brother and my other new brother. We really didn't have a plan for the evening besides dinner. Everyone in my family has had the pleasure of dining at my favorite Italian restaurant, Bianca. Finally, after years of trying to get the kid there, I was successful. Two of my favorite girlfriends joined in on the evenings festivities to make the night fantastic. 

I'm pretty sure Kyle finished off everyone's plates, which was ok by me as I took it as a compliment on how amazing Bianca is. After dinner, the boys needed a sweet treat. Where better to take them than the Little Cupcake Bakeshop? It was overwhelming with all the tasty choices. 

Andy went with the most vanilla choice, a golden vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting, boring! 

Tess had the Mott Street cupcake which was their take on tiramisu, a perfect after Italian dinner choice if I might say so myself. 

Kyle and I both had my little guilty pleasure, the oreo cheesecake. I believe Kyle stated he didn't even like cheesecake, after he had ordered it, and that it was spectacular. Also referencing that Andy needed to trust his sisters judgement more often. 

After piling more calories than we could count into our bodies, Tess sadly mentioned she had to leave us to go climbing. This sparked some interested! Twenty minutes later, all four of us were squished in a cab, with Tess' bike in the back, on our way to Brooklyn to go climbing. Talk about a random evening! Although, the more random they are, the better! 

Andy enjoyed his time if you can tell...

Kyle was a little animal.... (equipped with my shirt)

Tess completed two climbs she had been working on...


Dave, well Dave I knew was going to be bad ass...

 Then there was myself...

I had more fun with the chalk than anything! 
But hey, at least I had fun!

I totally rocked it! 
I Completed three climbs I'd been trying to accomplish! 

Proud big sis with the boys! They did awesome. 

Two hours later, we passed out. I take full blame if limbs, shoulders and backs are sore today for their show! I don't care. It was completely worth it! I hope some of ya come out to the show tonight!


  1. looks like a fun evening!! i don't think i'd make it halfway up!

  2. Vanilla cupcakes are like the "liberal arts" of the cupcake world. You should only get them on the rare occasion when nothing else seems particularly appealing to you.

    Glad you were able to spend some more time with "the kid." :) The rock climbing looks fun! I like how all the steps (?) are different colors. It makes for a very festive atmosphere.

  3. Elle (pinkplainangel)December 13, 2011 at 7:46 AM

    Great idea for some fun! Thanks for capturing the moment so well. You conquered your fears and had fun! Those cupcakes sound amazing! :)