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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Guy's Gift Guide

I know I already posted my wish list, but what about those handsome men in our lives? I find it very difficult to buy for these men because, you want to get something they want with out them knowing you know they want it, that way they think you're way cool. Right?

Months ago, I started making a list in my notes section of my iPhone, of things friends and family members want. This way, when it comes time to purchase presents, you can really wow them! Of course, the year I start writing things down, everyone wants something very particular, down to exact specifications. So, there goes my list out the window. Hopefully, I can still surprise them for their birthdays! 

In the mean time, I found a great men's gift list on Elements of Style and felt I should share as our men are just so difficult to buy for! Especially Dad's, who have everything!  I picked some of my favorite things from her list, and added a couple of my own! Enjoy!

Nixon Watch because what man doesn't look sexy in a Nixon watch?

Frye Boots. Men and boots, yes!

Most men lack in the art department and won't admit it!

Tequila in the coolest bottle imaginable. 
Photo via Elements of Style

A book every man and woman should read.
Photo via Elements of Style

They're coming back in style!
Photo via Andy Skib

The worlds softest hoodie! More for you than him.
iPhone clock.
Photo via Elements of Style

Then there are those presents you wish to buy them but you possibly just can't afford. Hey, a girl can dream right?


  1. is the bike for you or for the guys ;)

  2. One of the reasons I don't buy Christmas gifts for the adults in my life is because I don't like to buy them something unless I KNOW it's something they want. I see no point in buying a random gift for a person just because it's a certain time of year. But if I discover in June that person X wants item Y, I buy it in June and give it to them immediately. It's much more fun that way. :)